Grover Beach officer poses with creepy clown

October 20, 2016
Officer Matt Monteiro

Officer Matt Monteiro

A creepy clown who reportedly scared a child on a bicycle was offering free hugs and pictures to passersby in Grover Beach on Wednesday. An officer responded to the scene and took a photo with the clown, but did not cite or arrest the man inside the costume.

On Wednesday morning, the Grover Beach Police Department received a call about a clown scaring people near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Oak Park Boulevard. Officers contacted the clown and counseled him about appropriate behavior.

Police said the clown was not doing anything illegal. But, the police department advised residents against dressing up as creepy clowns.

“Given the recent complaints involving clowns, it is not a great idea to dress like one in order to attract attention.”

In a Facebook post, the police department said it was sharing the photo of the clown with the officer in case anyone else sees the clown and wants to report him. Grover Beach Councilwoman Barbara Nicolls responded to the post with a comment saying creepy clowns should not be tolerated.

“Any adult in a clown suit with a menacing mask offering hugs and photos to children should not be acceptable to anyone, in my opinion,” Nicolls wrote.

In recent weeks, residents across the United States, as well as several other countries, have uploaded photos and videos of clowns scaring people. Police have arrested some clowns for offenses including disorderly conduct and making threats against schools.

Earlier this month, a Nipomo resident posted a video purportedly showing a creepy clown scaring two men driving at night in rural Nipomo. The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times on Facebook. It is unclear whether or not the incident was staged by the men in the car.

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Councilwoman Nicholls is the real clown in this article. When I saw the news I thought what a good image for the police, the officer did his job; checked out the report, gave some advice, and shared a light hearted moment. But I knew immediately that he would be in political trouble with sanctimonious fools like Nicholls. How did she conclude that he was luring children specifically? And he’s on a commercial street corner. You might worry more about your kids’ soccer coach. And get ready for some creepy clowns next weekend, despite the self-imposed nationwide ban on major retailers selling any clown costumes, wigs, or make-up for Halloween. Officer Montiero is a great cop. Nicolls is a poor councilwoman.


Now we will have to be on the look out for creepy santas, creepy nuns or priests, creepy doctors, creepy anything…

What a waste of time and law enforcement resources, because someone was offended by a stupid costume?

Congrats on the LEO doing his duty and responding to the tone out, but shouldn’t he be concentrating on creepy gangbangers, creepy crooks and even creepy politicians?

Adam does not need a clown suit to be creepy.

It’s just a stinking clown! You should be more focused on how screwed we are with our current group of politicians running our state and all of the crooked initiatives on the ballot. I am voting no on all of them, we are being taxed to death!

No it’s not just a stinking clown, it’s a creepy clown, luring children into the woods. Don’t you read the papers and fall for the internet prank like they did?

Good evening slojustice!

While you’re voting no on “all of the crooked initiatives on the ballot”, vote NO ON Measure J!

Just heard that the Yes on J Committee collected $121,000 so far with 74% coming from out of the county contributors. It’s called ‘pay to play.’ If Measure J passes, the contributors are the ones who will compete for those lucrative contracts worth 225 million dollars, and you, the taxpayer, will pay the bill.

Just vote NO ON Measure J!

Adam, you said you would stop with the clown charades

Which one is the clown?

Well if Arroyo Grande doesn’t have a policy prohibiting a city manager from using his office at night to sober up with a subordinate,who is looking disheveled or not, then not surprising Grover Beach does have a ordinance that this “clown” would be in violation of.

should be “does not”

Before anyone is tempted to think that all this clown crap is “funny”, first, consider this:

When it comes to “clowns”, now THIS is funny: