Vote Nicholas Mattson for mayor of Atascadero

October 31, 2016
Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson

Opinion by Katherine “Kat” Breig

Nicholas Mattson embodies the changes Atascadero needs to move towards a new direction while keeping in alignment with Atascadero being a bedroom Community. He also realizes and can relate to the needs of families and a kid friendly community.

Nic understands that service jobs paying minimum wage are not going to sustain Atascadero residence nor help the local economy. He understands that “head of household” jobs brought into the community will grow Atascadero along a much stronger pathway.

Having lived in North County since 1971, it is refreshing to see someone with Nic’s passion to create a desirable city for his children to grow-up in and the community in general. I live in Templeton. However, if I lived in Atascadero Nic Mattson would get my vote.

Vote Nicholas Mattson for Mayor on Nov. 8.

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It’s about positive change for Atascadero. Most of us have moved to Atascadero to get away from big city life because Atascadero is a beautiful community. In truth it’s a bedroom community that some, like Tom O’Malley, want to make into a large city. If you want to ruin Atascadero Tom O’Malley is your man. He wants Atascadero to flourish in tourism so the city will have more money to spend on themselves and at the same time still assist with advertising his Portola Inn. Very self serving.

If you want to loose what we have then vote for O’Malley. If you want to save what you have there is only one choice and that is Nic. And yes, Nic will be your friend and Atascadero will be better.

Is this opinion based on friendship, or have you actually attended Atascadero city council meetings?

Meetings have very low attendance and it is a shame to see public opinion being swayed by “Newer Is Better!”.