Helicopter airlifts hiker out of Montana de Oro

November 28, 2016

helicopterA CHP helicopter airlifted an injured hiker, who reportedly broke his ankle while he was 1.5 miles up a trail in Montana de Oro State Park, to a local hospital on Sunday. [Tribune]

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., Cal Fire received a report about the injured hiker on the Coon Creek Trail. The CHP helicopter responded, hoisted the man off the trail and transported him to a nearby ambulance.

The extent of the hiker’s injuries and what occurred has not been disclosed.

Fire crews remained at the scene early Sunday evening. San Luis Obispo County fire and San Luis Ambulance personnel assisted with rescued.



  1. CentralcoastRN says:

    Ok whatever.

    We don’t know the circumstances here. For all we know, this man could have been perfectly prepared for hiking and simply slipped on the terrain after recent rains and fell.

    I would MUCH rather pay for him going to the hospital as a taxpayer than paying for illegal immigrant kids who have parents bringing them to the ER for “abdominal pain” when they are sitting right there eating cheetos and drinking mountain dew. I would much rather pay for that hiker than pay for a 390 fatty riding a walmart go cart and then has a heart attack with a cart full of moon pies and natural light.

    If this guy is a normal taxpaying person, then he will be getting a bill. THIS IS WHAT ERs and AMBULANCES ARE FOR. God forbid a person get outside and see nature.

  2. easymoney says:

    If he was rescued by Calstar, he will be getting a very hefty bill…

    • mary margaret says:

      The article states that the person was transported by a CHP helicopter which is paid for by taxpayers. CCN probably just used an image that happened to be Calstar.

  3. kayaknut says:

    Is entering and hiking in Montana de Oro State Park still free?, maybe time for that to end.

    • non_sequitur says:

      Dumb. Erecting a kiosk and charging admission would cost more in construction, staffing and maintenance than it could ever hope to take in. Besides, the county of SLO has for decades avoided investing in Los Osos park infrastructure only because of the availability of the “no-cost” recreation space in MDO. Look it up.

      • kayaknut says:

        Couldn’t they do an unmanned kiosk? Cameras would help reduce problems? And perhaps having even a small fee would make people think they should be properly prepared for an outing , but then again I may asking too much from some people.

        • RonHolt says:

          “but then again I may asking too much from some people.” You are. A wide variety of people use MdO for recreational purposes — surfers, hikers, mtn. bikers, equestrians, campers, etc. A few of them are bound to do dumb things and that rarely includes forethought. Non_sequiter’s comment is accurate.

          A different solution might be to charge individuals needing helicopter evacuations for the VERY high costs associated with them.

          • kayaknut says:

            Your idea makes sense, but I do have to disagree with Non_sequiter’s comment that MdO is “no-cost, there is a cost it is just a matter of who is paying for it.

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