San Luis Obispo mayoral race even closer

November 19, 2016
Heidi Harmon and Jan Marx

Heidi Harmon and Jan Marx

In what is becoming an open race, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx’ lead over mayoral candidate Heidi Harmon has dropped from 726 votes on election night to 213 votes as of the last count on Tuesday.

There are currently 2,508 more ballots to count, which are likely to favor Harmon. While Marx led in early mail in ballots, Harmon led among poll voters and late mail in ballots following several robocalls promoting Harmon for mayor by activist Kevin Rice.

On Monday, Marx led Harmon by 461 votes with 4,464 ballots left to be counted for San Luis Obispo. After counting another 1,956 ballots, Marx’ lead shrunk to 213 votes or 50.22 percent to 49.13 percent. Less than 1 percent of voters elected to write in a candidate not on the ballot.

In another close race, SLO County’s Measure J, a transportation tax initiative, is currently failing by a narrow margin. Though Measure J is gaining ground, with only 11,386 countywide votes left to count it will likely fail.

As of Friday, 65.73 percent of voters had approved the sales tax initiative, and 34.27 percent voted against it. A 66.67 percent vote is required for it to pass and the increase in late voter support is marginal.

The San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder’s Office has scheduled the next ballot counting for Nov. 23.

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When are we due for the next “update” to this, or better still, the final count?

Hmmmmm…. how about co-socialist mayors? It certainly would be “inclusive”. Or better still… how about a cage fight to decide the race? My money’s on Harmon.

Wow! It’s been almost two weeks since the election. Does counting ballots really take that long?

Yes it does if it is to be done right. There are many, many details to attend to. When the Clerk certified the election it has to be correct in every aspect. If an election is conducted in a sloppy manner, integrity and faith in this precious right is in danger of being lost. This is why the Clerk and his staff are laser focused on doing it right.

Would love to see Jan Marx fail to be Mayor again!

Measure J is sure to fail.

In these two cases failure is GOOD!

Maybe the swamp is draining?

Don’t count out Measure J just yet. Remember it is supported by people who have no problem using public money and resources to support a measure that is intended to continue those same people’s abuse of taxpayer money, to keep them in control. They will clearly have no moral limit on what they will do to get this measure passed.