Cal Poly receives record number of applications

December 5, 2016

Cal Poly LargeCal Poly received a record 56,896 applications for admission in the 2017 fall quarter, topping last year’s record of 56,758 applications.

It is nothing new, though, for Cal Poly to receive a record number of applications. The university has had record-breaking applicant pools 22 out of the last 24 years.

University officials plan to enroll about the same number of students in Fall 2017 as they did in the current fall quarter. This fall, 4,400 freshmen and 900 transfer students enrolled in classes.

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What they didn’t tell you: A record number of parents pulled their kids from Cal Poly last year after they discovered the search for Kristin Smart’s remains–and then a second dead body was discovered (that of a male that was never identified in the media).

Parents (that can afford it) want a private, supervised playground for their kids that offers lots of businesses to occupy themselves with while they are not in class. Quick: build another bar.

Are the citizens of SLO participants within a Cal Poly CEQA review? ha, ha, ha

Thanks Jeff Armstrong for not letting 176 documented students attend Cal Poly whose parents paid taxes in this country.

It’s a college town. What did you expect?

Sure come on in! The streets are uncrowded, there are plenty of stores other than bars in town, and we all love loud parties, We really like waiting in line to get gas or lunch and when we can’t find a place to park we all just rejoice!!!!

Glad to know illegal….sorry…my bad…..”undocumented” individuals will be admitted with financial aid rather than those qualified but arrogant and spoiled local documented individuals. Kudos to the UC system!

Sure, but have you seen the quality of education in the college and university system lately? Odds are, there will be a lot of poorly-educated, non-thinking, spoon-fed snowflakes produced.