California synagogue smeared with feces at start of Hanukkah

December 26, 2016

hanukkah menorahA Santa Monica rabbi arrived at his synagogue early on Sunday, the first morning of Hanukkah, and found the front window smeared with feces and rice. The vandalism was on display in close proximity to the synagogue’s menorah. [LA Times]

No one was at the Living Torah Center Chabad on Wilshire Boulevard when the Jewish holiday began Saturday night. Rather, the congregation was eating latkes and doughnuts at the rabbi’s home.

It is presumed the vandalism occurred Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

“This seems kind of intentional,” Assistant Rabbi Dovid Tenenbaum said. “With a religious artifact in the window, we have to assume so.”

Santa Monica police officers said there were no witnesses to the crime. The synagogue has yet to install surveillance cameras.

This weekend’s incident was not the first time the Living Torah Center was targeted.

About a month ago, a man entered the synagogue during a service, stood up and shouted “Heil Hitler;” positioned his arms as if he was shooting a rifle; and ran away. About one year ago, there was a letter left in the synagogue’s mailbox that contained a swastika and the message, “Get out of here, you Jews.”

Also, the outline of a cross is still visible on the synagogue’s front window. A vandal etched the cross years ago.

“There are many times that others have wanted to annihilate the Jewish people,” Tenenbaum said. “The Jewish people have succeeded, and we’re still here to talk about it, thank God.”

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oh poop.

I find it interested that when similar (or worse) crimes happen against mosques, we see lots of comments on this site about how it was fake or staged to further some kind of agenda. Just thought I’d point out the glaring double standard here.

Not a double standard. A number of false reports have been filed about Muslim abuse, just like the woman in NY saying she was forced to remove her hijab by attackers. She has now confessed that she made up the attack, or the guy who caused a disturbance on an airplane and said he was removed because he said a few words in Arabic (false report as proved by 20 passengers).

The difference is that Muslims are being encouraged to report any sign of Islamophobia; Jews are not, and their reports have been proven true over a long period of time.

So because a few bad apples have made false reports, we should disbelieve all cases of crimes against Muslims? I guess you are forgetting about the proven incidents where Muslims have been assaulted and even killed by religious bigots. Do you really think that there is no one in this country that wishes to harm Muslims? Or do you just not care?

And Jews are not encouraged to report anti-semitism? I guess you haven’t heard of the Anti-Defamation League or the Jewish Defense League?

How about we report ALL cases of the persecution of others (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, whatever) rather than selectively believing some and not others?

Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say that “we should disbelieve all cases of crimes against Muslims”. In fact, all cases of crimes against Muslims are believed and investigated as true.

I would do harsh things to people who do stuff like this. I am not Jewish (or any other sect) but cannot stand the historical (and hysterical) contempt for people of this religion.

This is yet another example of how certain shitty segments of society are emboldened by recent election results (even though the popular vote went the other way).

You cowards who do this sort of thing ought to get a life. The people and laws are against you, you will be rooted out sooner or later.

Emboldened by recent election results? Part of Trump’s family are Jewish, so the emboldened must be Democrat losers.

Which part? Not his family, his son-in-law maybe (his daughter converted but is not Jewish by birth or lineage), but not the Trumps. He was just “saved” in June of this year, so he’s now a CINO (christian in name only).

Besides, he ain’t no Republican either! He’s whatever he needs to be at the time to get the most of what he thinks he should have, from whomever!

True Republicans, Democrats, Independants, Green Party and all those who didn’t vote for the newest breed of CINO lost, and, that would be the MAJORITY of Americans, Citizen!

This kind of crap is wrong and by making it a partisan issue it will never go away.