Motorcyclist dies in Christmas Day crash near Arroyo Grande

December 26, 2016

ambulance 4A motorcyclist died on Christmas Day following a crash on Los Berro Road near Stanton Street in rural Arroyo Grande.

Shortly before 4 p.m., two motorcyclist were driving on Los Berros Road when the crash occurred. The second motorcycle was reported to have been involved in the accident, but CHP officials have not confirmed that, nor have they disclosed other details.

Both the cause of the accident and the victim’s identity are currently unknown. It is also unclear if anyone else suffered injuries.

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A very sad Christmas day accident, so very tragic:(

A motorcyclist from Santa Maria died in Arroyo Grande on Christmas Day after colliding with a motorcycle in front of him, the CHP said Monday afternoon.

The unidentified 27-year-old Santa Maria man was traveling as the second motorcycle in a group of four motorcycles along westbound Los Berros Road in rural Arroyo Grande at about 3:45 p.m. when the collision occurred, the CHP said.

The two front motorcycles were traveling at about 55 mph as they approached Stanton Street when, witnesses told the CHP, the second motorcycle accelerated his 2014 Kawasaki and ran into the front vehicle, also being driven by a 27-year-old Santa Maria man.

Both drivers lost control of their motorcycles and the front cyclist was thrown from his 2004 Yamaha, hitting the roadway and sustaining a minor leg injury, according to the CHP.

The driver of the second motorcycle veered to the north after the collision and hit a curb. He was thrown from the motorcycle into a large metal fence post, the CHP said. Paramedics and Cal Fire personnel arrived and performed CPR but the driver was pronounced dead at the scene, the CHP said.

Both riders were wearing helmets, the CHP said.

My guess goes to speed and unsafe operation as factors in the crash. Two things I see almost daily from motorcyclists.

Why say anything unless it adds to the story? I understand that there are stupid motorcycle riders and then there are stupid car drivers. I could speculate all kinds of things. Can we just wait until all the facts are in?

My guess is we don’t know. WTF is wrong with someone that would even speculate? I rode for YEARS. I’ve had bees hit my face under my helmet, ground squirrels, drivers veer into lanes. My friend was killed on a bicycle in Morro Bay a few years ago and it was a drunk woman that hit him from behind. ANYTHING can happen. He could have been depressed because he lived with judgmental people and speculative busy bodies.