Drunk driver crashes into traffic director in Pismo Beach

December 23, 2016


Dawn Lamoreaux

Dawn Lamoreaux

A 54-year-old woman ignored a handheld stop sign and crashed into a 24-year-old man who was directing traffic at a construction site on Thursday morning, according to the Pismo Beach Police Department. The man suffered major injuries, and police arrested the woman for felony DUI.

Shortly before 8 a.m.,  Dawn Lamoreaux of Pismo Beach was driving southbound on Dolliver Street near Stimson Avenue when she failed to stop for a hand held sign. The victim works for a traffic safety management company.

Police determined Lamoreaux was driving under the influence of alcohol, then arrested her and booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Lamoreaux is no longer in custody, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriffs Department website.

Responders transported the victim to the hospital. He was in stable condition Thursday afternoon.

Pismo Beach police are reminding drivers there are numerous active construction projects on the Central Coast. Drivers should slow down and be cautious when driving through construction zones, the police department says.

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“Drivers should slow down and be cautious when driving through construction zones, the police department says.”

And NOT be drunk while behind the wheel.

Alcoholism is an insidious disease that all too often leads to tragedy.

There are already laws against drunk driving and efforts and funding to enforce it. What more would you like them to do? Just like with firearms, you can pass more laws against drinking, but criminals are still going to drive drunk.


I looked for her on FB and only found a woman with the same name (unusual name though…) who looked a LOT like her in Texas. Flight risk?

And the glamorous alcohol commercials with Mila Kunas roll on while our elected officials shame us all day long about smoking, vaping and consuming single use plastic bags. The shakers and movers of San Luis County don’t seem to give two shi*s about boozing idiots but they do want to persecute the working stiff that wants to smoke a fag or two and carry his lunch in a plastic bag.

Their hypocrisy knows no boundaries.

Drunk at 8 o’clock in the morning. That’s just great. One man’s life may be ruined and she is released without bail. She should have to surrender her license, turn in her car, and put up bail. She could be back out on the road right now.

Unless your a SLO Sheriff,such as Sheriff Fellows, then you are allowed to leave the scene and have no real consequences to a DUI. Special treatment for special people.

Throw this beast into rehab and yank her license forever. Wow.

I think some prison time is in order here. White females are supposed to obey the laws just like everyone else bu the courts continue to receive leniency and light sentences.