Passing laws to break laws

December 17, 2016
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


In its paroxysm of over-the-top liberalism, the new Democratic supermajority in California’s state legislature is introducing a package of bills to protect sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants. The legislature is poised to pass laws to create an $80 million public legal defense fund to block deportations of illegal immigrants, train public defenders to defend them, and mandate that state agencies refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

This legislative initiative is being proposed as a panicked response to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States before he even takes office.

Few of us, including yours truly, were stunned that he actually won. As someone who believes that “building a wall,” and the mass deportation and breaking up the families of undocumented immigrants is going too far, we clearly need a more compassionate and measured reform of our state and national immigration policies. But should we embrace one form of political extremism with an equal and opposite reaction to another? We should be better than that.

While Trump has toned down his campaign rhetoric to initially target only the criminal element of illegal immigrants, California seems disturbingly determined to protect that very same element. Consider the San Francisco shooting death of Kate Steinle at the hands of a convicted felon who had been previously deported five times. Yet state Senate pro tempore Kevin de Leon argues that such steps are necessary to protect “California values.”

Has spending our public funds to defend the violators of our laws really become a “California value”? God forbid!

California has become a “monoparty”– a government of, by, and for one party. Some are even considering a California secession movement in answer to Trump’s election. Are they really thinking that California would be the 2017 version of 1861 South Carolina?

Contrasting views, even moderate ones, seem to be missing in action. Even little “r” republicans have become a rare and endangered species in California, and that “monoparty” seems determined to drive them to extinction. Now that it controls 2/3 of the state Assembly and Senate, it can enact urgency legislation that can become law immediately while remaining immune to a Governor veto.

Are we to stand by and tolerate the passage of new laws designed to break existing, long-standing ones? What would that say to those who came here legally from the south of the border? Should we support laws designed to protect those who violate our laws? And should we allow our state legislature to do so at the expense of our hard-earned tax dollars while risking the loss of federal funds to state and local government? Has this type of fiscal irresponsibility become a “California value?” Are we nuts?

Indeed, the Golden State has quickly become the State of Insanity.


More taxes coming down the pipeline for all these laws and the fact that every illegal with an issue will hightail it to California for the representation and thereby will get all the benefits that go with that, housing, food, education for their kids, medical, etc. which will require more taxes again. Geez, anyone notice the increase in crime, anyone looking at the pictures of the criminals, and know that most of them have families so no matter what, this is all a lose lose for California law abiding citizens. Life is good!


Isn’t there a DA or Judge with a backbone somewhere in California who could fight this? Aiding and abetting a criminal comes to mind. Could they pass a bill that says it’s OK to rob banks? Same premise.


Um, so what do we do? It’s lovely to hear reports on what the boneheads in Sacto are up to but your opinion piece ain’t worth squat. Are we to jump on your bandwagon and go nowhere? Why not suggest a method of fighting back? Put some meat in there.

But, please, do not provide links to our state representatives. I’ve contacted their machines. They send canned responses that, on occasion, remotely address my issue. And then they punish me by adding my email address to their spam list.


Trump was the only Presidential candidate that would even take up the issue of illegal immigrants!

There are roughly 8 million illegal immigrants in the workforce, only 4% of those work in agriculture. His message resonated throughout his campaign, illegal immigrants are taking work from the vulnerable working poor.

You would think that the Democratic Party would be the Party of immigration reform, the party of protecting the working poor, the party of hope and change:(

Republicans enjoy the cheap labor, Democrats the votes and following generation of dependency.

Who’s the advocate of the existing jobless and shrinking middle class, sadly, Donald Trump:(


Rich in MB

Doesn’t matter…they are Feel Good Laws.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that the Federal Law “Trumps” State Law on the issue of Immigration. So the left crazy liberals can pass all the laws they want…and El Trumpo will just Build the Wall and Deport the Illegal Immigrants.



We are paying our representatives to sit around and plot schemes to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. Them getting nowhere costs us a lot of money.


There is no way to stop the madness these “lawmakers” impose on us it just keeps going and going,I have yet to figure out why we elect people to office and all they do is make up rules and laws for the rest of us to abide by,I’ve talked to our representives and they tell me that they are outnumbered by the Dems and can’t seem to get anything shut down,so just what do we the people do, this state is going to get to the point where it will shut down this crap can’t go on, we have a nut ball for a gov that now wants to go after cow farts because of methane, well there goes more business out of state,then we’ll need to piss another billion dollars into this fools train, and then next are his water tunnels, how do we stop the madness.


I don’t know about California quickly becoming the State of Insanity. I think it has always been the land of fruits and nuts.


Gee, never heard that one before…


I for one am in total agreement with governor moonbeam wanting to protect lawbreakers. In fact I believe that a precedent has now been set in California that it’s ok to break laws here; and have decided the law I want to break is the one that requires me to pay taxes to support lawbreakers. So starting immediately I am going to stop paying the state taxes on as much as I can get away with. If I get caught in this illegal activity I will expect the state of California to defend me against incarceration because I am just doing what I need to do to survive. After all isn’t that what is happening with illegal immigrants.


Thank you! needed a laugh. The best post since Mary Malone said “but if we were transparent, you would know what we are doing”.


This is just an end around run by politicians to buy votes and the expense of the we the real taxpayers who will be funding this.

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