Carbajal appointed to House Committee on Budget

January 16, 2017
Congressman Salud Carbajal

Congressman Salud Carbajal

Recently elected Congressman Salud Carbajal has been appointment to the House Committee on Budget. The Budget Committee is responsible for drafting an annual concurrent resolution that provides a congressional framework for spending, revenue levels and public debt.

Carbajal’s assignment was announced the same day House Republicans voted to pass a budget resolution initiating the reconciliation process to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Bills considered during this process require a simple majority to pass in the U.S. Senate, instead of the 60 votes usually required to avoid a filibuster.

Carbajal, a Democrat, proposed an amendment on Friday to allow any state in which the Affordable Care Act has lowered the uninsured rate to opt-out of the replacement plan. House Republicans blocked Carbajal’s proposed amendment without consideration.

“It is unconscionable that Republicans are using the budget reconciliation process to dodge any constructive conversation on how we can improve access to affordable health insurance – not simply cut a program that has cut the rate of uninsured Americans in half while offering nothing to replace it,” Carbajal said in an announcement. “I look forward to utilizing my prior budgetary experience as Santa Barbara County supervisor to make strategic investments that support and strengthen working families on the Central Coast.”

Nevertheless, Carbajal has a history of personal financial issues including foreclosure notices, federal tax liens and large credit card debt.

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February 20, 2016 By JOSH FRIEDMAN

“Carbajal and his wife previously had three federal tax liens filed against them, as well as two notices of default on their home. The unpaid tax balances on the three liens totalled nearly $11,000. Carbajal’s liabilities include between $35,001 and $80,000 of credit debt, as of last spring.” see CalCoastNews

Carbajal appointed to House Committee on Budget, January 16, 2017

Thankfully the White House, Sup Court and Congress is all Republican. He won’t get to vote himself pay raises so easily in this new Trump Era. Lindsey Graham for cost us this seat.

“It is unconscionable that Republicans are using the budget reconciliation process to dodge any constructive conversation on how we can improve access to affordable health insurance”

Why can’t we send informed representatives to Congress? Hopefully someone will educate Carbajal that the budget reconciliation process is exactly how the democrats passed the ACA in 2010.

You and your pesky facts…….


Not surprised one bit!

What have we done? And where are we going?

We let Lindsey Graham cost California a key seat. Too many outsiders drove Fareed campaign, and not enough locals had the balls to stand up for the community. Carbajal closed a two-segment CalPoly debate hosted by KSBY repeating the SAME EXACT WORDS. He can memorize a script and will serve as a useful idiot for his Dem masters. We’ll just need to keep on him to SERVE… those protesters outside his CalPoly debate forum were spot on.

They call this the Peter Principal, elevated to his level of incompetence and for that he gets a pay raise. I hope I’m wrong but his financial history doesn’t qualify him to make financial decisions for me and certainly not for our county. This placement appears to begin with a misappropriation of funds.

pelosi must have some trust in her new sock puppet.

He knows how to stay on script and memorize spoon fed lines

Great. Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. And a crooked one to boot. Real smart.

Another typical congressional big spender of other people’s money who can’t even balance his own checkbook. There needs to be some sort of qualifier of having economic knowledge and experience before serving on committees like this which obviously would weed out incompetents like him. No wonder our country’s budgets are always out of balance. We don’t let children fly commercial jets!