Deputies shoot and kill suspect in Atascadero

January 24, 2017

slo sheriff flashSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies shot and killed a man on Highway 101 in Atascadero early Tuesday morning. The suspect pulled a gun on the deputies, prompting them to shoot him, according to the sheriff’s office.

Around midnight, deputies conducted a traffic stop on a wanted suspect who was traveling southbound on Highway 101. The driver pulled over to the side of the highway near the Santa Barbara Road exit in Atascadero.

Two deputies approached the car and made contact with the suspect. The man then pulled a gun on the deputies, who responded by firing shots and retreating, according to the sheriff’s office.

Backup units arrived at the scene, then deputies cleared the area and discovered the suspect was dead. No deputies suffered injuries during the incident.

Officials have yet to identify the name of the man who was killed. The sheriff’s office has not disclosed why the man was a wanted suspect.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing. Authorities closed a section of Highway 101 over the early morning hours but have since reopened it to traffic.

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This kind of situation is unfortunate. I think in today’s highly fearful and reactionary climate that it may be a good idea to reduce traffic stops unless the police know for sure that someone is wanted for a crime. People are scared on both sides, and this is the kind of thing that can easily happen when scared people interact.

Before you all get all glorious and praise the deputies, just remember that they shot and killed someone. Someone that was a father, a family member, etc.

We don’t know the full story. We haven’t seen any body cams, dash cams, etc.

There are people in our community that will have to deal with losing a loved one now.

Do police not use any of the other tools besides their guns?

Its sad to see someone shot and killed by the police, then have the police immediately exonerated and glorified like they saved the town. They knew who he was and pulled him over, so they knew what they were getting into. They also didn’t call for back up ahead of time.

SLOSD is always in hot water and this whole incident smells fishy.

Yes, this is certainly a time to debate the efficacy of the varying infrastructure, stop sign placement and pavement line improvements in the area. I nominate Jorge for president of SLOCOG. This is surely the intellect needed to maintain and improve citizen safety in San Luis Obispo County.

Win win. Win win.

1. Deputies safe.

2. Suspect dead.

3. Suspect gene pool ended.

4. No cost to society.

Glad deputies made it home to their families safe.

Again, as a result of this enforcement activity not a wreck this time, south bound traffic was routed through Santa Margarita via the El Camino Real. This freeway reroute is a major impact on the Town. Cross traffic, school kids, etc. is already not safe and I find it unconscionable that Caltrans refuses to remedy these in town safety issues. A stop sign / light, more cross walks and or any pedestrian safety improvements is not much to ask for their presence within The Town of Santa Margarita. Oh yes then there is the lack of a drainage plan and highway flooding mitigation that is decades overdue.

Someone D-I-E-D. Someone lost a person they dearly loved. Policemen have undergone trauma. You have to REMIND PEOPLE HOW TO BE HUMAN THESE DAYS.

Sorry for your inconvenience Mr. Estrada. The bad guy just wasn’t being thoughtful when he went for his gun.