Animal services takes back second dog from Grover Beach officer

February 8, 2017
Kings County Deputy Sheriff Alex Geiger and "Boss" with a demonstration at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, California in 2013.

Kings County Deputy Sheriff Alex Geiger and “Boss” with a demonstration at Hidden Valley Park in Hanford, California in 2013.

In addition to facing criminal charges, former Grover Beach police officer Alex Geiger has now lost both of his dogs that attacked and killed a 64-year-old man and injured a 85-year-old woman.

Shortly after noon on Dec. 12, both of Geiger’s dogs chewed through a fence and attacked Betty Long. Long’s neighbor David Fear went to assist the woman, and the officer’s Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd turned their aggression on Fear. Fear died shortly after the brutal attack.

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services initially indicated that the German Shepherd, was not an aggressor and left it in the custody of Geiger. Animal services personnel euthanized the Belgian Malinois on the day of the attack. The Belgian Malinois was a former police K-9, which Geiger had handled as an officer and then owned as a personal pet.

However, Long, the only witness to the attack, said both dogs attacked both herself and Fear.

Shortly after CalCoastNews published information that both dogs participated in the brutal attack, San Luis Obispo County animal services removed the dog from Geiger’s custody.

The county is attempting to have the German Shepherd declared a “vicious dog.”

California law requires that dogs be quarantined at at an animal shelter for 10 days after attacking and biting someone in order to be assessed for temperament and tested. Animal Services officials are now saying the German Shepherd completed its quarantine, although it is unclear when and where that occurred, according to KSBY.

Eric Anderson, a veterinarian who manages animal services, has faced criticism for his handling of the case. Grover Beach police left the investigation up to Anderson because of a conflict of interest.

Geiger, 25, who recently resigned from the Grover Beach Police Department, is facing two felony counts of owning a dog trained to attack while failing to exercise ordinary care. If convicted, he could spend up to three years and eight months behind bars.

After serving as a law enforcement officer in the Central Valley, Geiger joined the Grover Beach police force last fall. In September, Geiger purchased the Belgian Malinois named Neo from the city of Exeter, his former employer, for $5,287.50. Geiger brought Neo and the German Shepherd to Grover Beach as personal pets.

Shortly after Geiger moved into his Grover Beach home, his neighbors began having issues with the dogs. Neighbors said the dogs were left unattended for long periods of time, and they would try to break through the fence while angrily barking.

The district attorney’s office issued an arrest warrant for Geiger last week. Deputies then booked Geiger into a Central Valley jail. He posted a $20,000 bail and was released.

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In the mid 1980’s, we owned an Australian Shepherd-Springer Spaniel crossbreed hand picked from the litter. Our dog was highly intelligent and devoted, but while still young began exhibiting tendencies to “protect” even in the absence of observable threats. In an unprovoked attack, our dog bit my niece on the face – a scenario I witnessed. It could have been much worse – the bite drew just a small spot of blood by my niece’s nose. Nonetheless, we reported the incident to SLO County Animal Services. The agency *required* that our dog be brought to *their facility* for quarantine. Ultimately, we made the difficult, but right, decision to have our dog euthanized because we could not have a dog exhibiting unwarranted aggression toward family and friends.

Have the quarantine rules changed? Why was Geiger’s German Shepherd Dog not immediately quarantined at SLO County Animal Services? Ultimately, it is for everyone’s SAFETY.

Why did the police officer get special treatment? Isn’t that the crux of your question, Mariposa?

Because cops are special. You are not. If you have trouble understanding this, just go “disrespect” a cop and learn your lesson.

The dog could have been quarantined at the owner’s home, it’s been done before here, but under the circumstances with the severity and consequences of the attacks, it should IMHO have been quarantined at Animal Control.

Did Geiger’s landlord know he had two big dogs? I can’t imagine any landlord around here letting him rent with them due to liability issues.

I’m relativity certain that the Animal Control Services Dept.( Anderson) acts as a branch of, or directly subordinate to, the Sheriff…Can anyone confirm? Is the Sheriff involved in this? Did Detectives from the Sheriff’s assist in this “Investigation” in any way?

Animal services now works as a branch of Environmental Health Services and not the sheriff’s department.

Well, no doubt all the good people at Environmental Health Services are 100% adept and experienced in managing a crime scene, taking statements from witnesses, etc!!!

What a joke!

And the GBPD says it can’t investigate one of its own because of a conflict of interest? What? How can it discipline rogue officers if it can’t investigate them? How can the public have any confidence in any conclusion or statement by GBPD if they can’t investigate a murder involving a cop without a conflict of interest?

Just how far does this “conflict of interest” go? Can they investigate Cop’s kids? How about neighbors on friendly terms with cops? What about administrative employees? Can they be investigated?

What good is a police department that can’t investigate a murder in their jurisdiction?

This is just another way of saying, “Cops are above the law.”

20,000 in bail is a rude insult. Neo probably left bite marks on school aged kids with a small amount of marijuana who had to post more than 20K in bail and fines.

This is a travesty. The only conflict of interest is how the police mistreats and abuses citizens and how they train dogs to viciously attack people. That’s against all of our common interests.

But we tolerate this crap. Some of us even think police protect us. Others actually believe what the police say! This case is proof that police put their own above all else.

Self protection and Self Service, at YOUR EXPENSE. Shame on us for allowing it.

Thanks Karen, That answers half of the question. Did the Sheriff’s office Investigate this? If so, why no mention of it?

The sheriff and every other agency with a dog in the fight—-pun intended—are feverishly investigating any and all means of saving their own departments from liability.

Oh… meant are they investigating the crime scene. Why would they do that? One person was killed and he wasn’t a cop. Police only investigate things that bring fines and federal money. Well, they also investigate career advancement opportunities, such as getting grants and monies for a K9 unit they can use to fleece and terrorize the stupid citizens, some of whom think that cops must break the law in order to enforce it on us…..never on themselves.

Throw the book at this reprehensible pig. I’m thinking 2nd degree murder…

What a shame that the WRONG dogs were/will be euthanized….Perhaps the Pit Geiger sahould have been considered.

There is more to this situation than meets the eye:

1. Geiger was undoubtedly hired specifically to form a K9 unit. Why else would GB hire a rookie? Lot’s of LEO’s would LOVE to live and work in GB….Geiger got the job because of his expertise with K9s. I’m sure Neo put on a good show during the interview.

2. Because of #1, there has no doubt been some terse, tense and high stakes negotiations between GBPD and Geiger: “If you charge me with that, I’m gonna tell that you hired me for K9 expertise!!”

3. Ditto Exeter.

So, if everyone can work together and get Geiger off with probation, bullet dodged!

Oh….Mr. Fear and Ms. Long? They’re not cops. They’re just people. Who cares?

Any cops life is worth more than any number of serfs. This is America, where police are worshiped and obeyed.

Why did they not take both days at the time of the incident?

This is a cluster F…

And $20,000 bail is unheard of.

Ignore that this man WAS a police officer, and let the court hearings begin.

both dogs…


$20K bail? So 2 grand and he’s out.

His dog’s killed someone.

I’ve seen larger bail amounts for people that steal from Walgreens.

Throw the book at him!!

Can you say Eric Anderson is trying to CYA. I have a better idea, Eric Anderson your fired.