Atascadero High hit with anti-Trump graffiti

February 23, 2017

Students arriving early to Atascadero High School Wednesday morning found multiple buildings defaced with graffiti, some of which contained messages aimed at President Donald Trump. [Tribune]

Around 7 a.m., an Atascadero police officer checked the high school campus by foot and found the graffiti, Police Sgt. Caleb Davis said. It appeared the graffiti was painted Tuesday night.

One photo of the graffiti shows a door spray painted with the words “basic mind control.” The same photo shows what appears to be the word “fuck,” though only a couple letters are visible.

Atascadero High School’s resource officer is conducting an investigation into the vandalism. Police and school officials have yet to release further details about the incident.

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Time for us parents to raise funds for wireless surveillance (including motion activated flood lights) after hours on the AHS campus.

School vandalism has been going on for decades…even longer. ‘Anti Trump” just happens to be what’s in vogue.

Sadly, his concept of making “America great again” is fueling hatred, discontent, chaos, and a sense that America is no longer the great society.

@Pelican 1

It’s not. That’s why the moral majority over the last several election cycles has led us to this new control of ALL of D.C.

WE THE PEOPLE rejected the amoral direction this country is headed in.

The people have spoken. That’s how it works in this country. For those that dislike it, you may want to put your thinking caps on to find a political fix to why the silent majority is going to put you in your place.

All this protesting nonsense is only going to get you a public record.

Yes, Marauder. The people did speak. They spoke decisively in favor of Hillary Clinton. It was the antiquated amoral Electoral College with the help of Vladamir Putin and James Comey which put this country on a potential course to dictatorship and fascism.

The Trib got the gist of the graffiti content wrong. While Trump was mentioned, most of the content pertained to a teacher.

I don’t understand all this talk about liberal indoctrination. The one indisputable fact is that an act of vandalism has occurred. Defacing public property is a crime regardless of the message. I am not interested in the origin of the criminal’s views. Politics are irrelevant. It’s the antisocial behavior that needs to be addressed.

A direct reflection on the “Indoctrination, not Education” that is happening in our public school system. When was the last time you saw a registered Republican teaching in a public school? Any conservative that braves entry into an occupation of education will not allow their views to be known or they will be forced out by the intolerance of the “party of tolerance”.

Stop tenure! Ban the NEA! Teach the children how to learn, not what political party to HATE!

When was the last time YOU checked for republicants as teachers? Or for democants? Probably never, right? And please enlighten us to any republicant teacher forced out by their party affiliation, I’d love to read about it.

This should be good news for you topper01….…/98167182

@L.A.RamsFan Obviously you do not know me. If you did, you would not need to ask those questions.

I tried to locate a definition for republicant(s) and was not successful. Is that a bastardization of a legitimate word or simply a typo?

It was no accident That Steve Jobs, years ago and needing to boost sales of his iProducts, gave them to schools for next to free, and gave teachers & students huge discounts. That is why they are called “impressionable minds”. Nothing wrong with having formative minds, but let’s not kid ourselves about who is doing the indoctrination and what their agenda is.

Apple in Education has been around since the advent of the Apple II series back in the ’80’s, iProducts weren’t even in Apples thought process at the time.

No, it wasn’t some conspiracy to give our kids a “liberal” based education, rather an option to the IBM DOS based computers dominating the market. Apple’s dominant innovation, the graphic (icon) driven Desktop, made it simpler to navigate for students, and everyone else (I sold over 20 IIGS’s it’s first Christmas in production, ’86 I think… Not one of them to a teacher, some to parents but the majority to grandparents).

Apples/Macs can peruse the internet just like a Windows based PC (less risk of viruses, malware and the like) so “trumpism’ is as easy to access as any other form of political bullshit!

I just wonder why you didn’t comment on Bill Gates “liberalism”; his Windows OS has dominated the computer market for decades so (according to your “Apple Reasoning”) his OS should be suspect too, right? Or is it since Windows is after all ran on “conservative IBM type machines” it’s above suspicion?

And Mr. Jobs did recognize a very lucrative and wide open to a new idea in the computing market, schools at all levels! What a mind!!!! The DOS based world did catch up as IBM offered their machines to schools and students at deeply discounted prices as well, still do!

What about windows and viruses? id like you to say this to my face.

Sorry for excess, IBM made the machines “typewriters” to document peoples captured in the holocaust in WW2, Coca Cola sales in Germany also sunk during the war, so they rebranded as Sunkist, still selling american products to the Nazis. America sponsored Germany well into the depths of WW2, well, rich people did. Food, or soda for thought. We only got involved because England sucks and had lots of “data”. Again, England sucks, but is beating the USA in many ways on a societal level. Especially immigration.

IBM did more than make typewriters for the Nazis, they developed and supported a “computer” (in a very rudimentary form) that tracked all things pertaining to the Holocaust. And I believe you are speaking of “Fanta”, an orange flavored soda, that Coca Cola sold to the Nazis throughout the WWII.

Giving stuff to teachers and students for low cost: Bad Business Model. Raising the price of life-saving medications simply “because they can”: Good Business Model.

The kids need to be identified and made to spend the summer painting the school for free. Also they should be required to write some papers on the subjects of vandalism, respect for others, tolerance and a few others. If their parents don’t like it they should be fined whatever it costs to have the school repainted. Any teacher who tries to argue that this type of behavior is acceptable due to Trump being our president or some other BS should be fired. Anything else?

Atascadero needed a facelift to divert from failing GPA and over spending on sports programs.

It seems the graffiti artists learned something from their liberal teachers: school is all about “basic mind control”. It’s about indoctrinating kids to allow others to do their thinking for them. Do you think these kids are unaware of the bloated and corrupt academic administrations that are doing their best to rein them in? Let’s teach kids to think for themselves, scary thought as it may be.

While there are indeed a few teachers that, consciously or unconsciously, do some indoctrination of kids (and they are not all “liberals”), the worst indoctrination comes from mass media sources (with FOX near the top) and fear-mongering politicians.

If you want to stop kids from being indoctrinated, teaching kids to think for themselves is a good start. The problem is that too many adults aren’t capable of that because they lack the ability to question their own beliefs and accept any opinion that is thrown at them by those with which they have a general tendency to agree. This applies to both conservatives and liberals. Critical thinking starts with one’s self.

Makes you wonder what the liberal teachers have been telling the students?

Teenagers are capable of observing the world around them and drawing their own conclusions. Why does it have to be part of some “liberal conspiracy?”

Possibly, however, there often is a specific narrative that is propagandized in the pop culture, of which teens are often highly susceptible to.

Adults are as susceptible to propaganda as teens. Otherwise it wouldn’t decide elections. We can’t handicap a teen’s point-of-view based on their age. Their viewpoints may lack some nuance (that’s gained through experience), but the sentiment is real and worth consideration.

Hey rOy! When were you born? Are you a “Boomer”? Now THAT pop culture had some doozies, huh? Did any of them make it through and stick with you? How ’bout Free Love? Love not War? Question “The Man”? Long Hair on Guys? Communes? And what about those VW Hippy Vans (my “posse” called ’em f*** trucks)? And the drugs, yea, The Drugs!!!

No? None of those? Why not? Maybe because your parents were a little more involved then your school? You know, a sensible buffer between you and the madness that was that part of history, especially in the peer pressure world that was going on at that time.

Propaganda has been and always will be a part of our culture; what we need is parenting that disseminates between what is real and bullshit and make sure our kids know the difference. Schools can’t do that as they’re some of purest purveyors of propaganda on the planet. So parents must, especially with the current form of madness that’s every-frickin’-where….

Because that is what liberal teachers do. They just don’t know any better.

Yep, you’re right! “They”, liberals, don’t know any better, how could they? They were taught by liberals exclusively, and the ones before them, and so-on and so-on and so on…. Wait a f***in’ minute! Then you should be a “liberal educated idiot” as well, right?

Wow, we can’t even get past politics in our kids schools! I’ll bet SLO is frothing at the mouth right now in anticipation of the demise of public schools under the new AmWay Education Secretary, yep! Better a person who has no experience, no formal education in education, is a capitalist purest, believes guns should be allowed in schools to protect from those pesky bears that show up every day right at lunch time and wants to turn our education system into a for profit charter network! Hell yea! That’s one way to go from “liberal teachers” to “conservative (trumpism) indoctrinaters” to make amerika great again!

I can’t wait….

Yeah, because teachers couldn’t possibly be capable of objectively educating teens, teaching critical thinking or encouraging their students to think for themselves and develop their own opinions. Nope, it’s got to be those damn liberal teachers. Maybe, just maybe those teens figured out Trump is a jackass all on their own.

Bill it DOES happen. My kids graduated from A.H.S. in recent past. They had quite a few teachers that were how great Obama is this and how great liberal that and how bad those conservatives can be. That is FACT!!!

How many teachers do you know who are Democrats?

Don’t know as I never asked. Just saying what happened. So your point is? Or is it just a pointless remark?

#Alternative Fact :)

Sorry nothing alternative about the truth. Sorry you can’t handle truth.

Slow down Jack Nicholson, quit pretending to be on “A Few Good Men”. If your kids were being educated in ways you didn’t agree with, why didn’t you talk to the Principal about it, or change schools?

“Trump is a jackass”

Bill give some examples…PLEASE

“(The New) Jackass, the Movie – “The Chronicles of Trump”

Coming to your government NOW….

Now streaming on all social networks with constant updates on Twitter (The New) Jackass, The Movie – “The Chronicles of Trump”

It’s innovative at least, right? A movie that changes the plot while the “star” remains the same and all in real time! Jeeeez! Stephen King assisted by Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone couldn’t come up with shit like this on their best days!

If you need examples you truly are blind. Just a sheep in the pasture.

Example: Trump has supporters like you.

Sad but true…. The less indoctrinated a person is the more likely they won’t like, let alone agree with, the likes of the trumpster… I have nothing but respect for those kids who are in living in this “trumped-up” world, possibly with parents that have been “trumped”, and can say “Hell No! This shit just ain’t American!” and believe it!

Hey! From what I hear Rupert Murdock is looking into starting his own charter school network, Fox Schools, were “We Teach and You Listen (Quietly)”

Can’t f***in’ wait…

What makes you think it wasn’t the teachers? lol

I knew it!!!! Did you see ’em too?! The ones with the “naked man t-shirts” on and wearing Bart Simpson masks! It was so obvious…

It may very well be the teachers, but they are not the only influence in a teen’s life. Parents, coaches, friends, social media, the internet to name only a few of the other major influences in a teen’s life that shape their opinions on the world they live in. Just because it happened at a school doesn’t necessarily correlate to where those teens got their opinions on things, or that teachers are obviously responsible somehow.

Parents? Haven’t most resolved not to interfere with their children’s school(s)? When was the last time you, or me for that fact, walked into our child’s school and asked to sit in on a class? When was the last time we checked the validity of the text being taught as fact? When was the last time any one of us has read a curriculum plan in advance by a teacher?

We don’t need charter schools to improve education, no, we need more meaningful involvement by the parent(s) in our public schools. We put cameras every frickin’ where to record all sorts of “important” shit so why not in the classroom? It’s a public place so no privacy is implied or should be expected, right?

Really, when was the last time any of us asked “So, Jr. what did you learn in school today?” And if you have did? Did any of it concern you? If it did concern you, did you at least make a call to the school to voice your concern(s)?

This shit sounds like not enough parenting goin’ on while teachers take the brunt of the blame… Pure and simple dodge-ball!

Agreed! There is no substitute for good parenting and not enough of it is going on these days it seems.