Arroyo Grande teacher sentenced for sex with a student

April 7, 2017

Tara Stumph

A former Arroyo Grande High School culinary arts teacher who pleaded no contest to charges of sexual intercourse with an underage student was sentenced Thursday to six months in jail and four years probation.

Tara Stumph’s probation includes mandatory participation in the Sex Offender Management Program. Likewise, Stumph, 36, must participate in a special counseling program and abide by an order to stay away from middle and high school-age children, as well as schools.

Her victim was 16 years old when the sexual acts occurred.

Prosecutors initially charged Stumph, 36, with five offenses — intercourse with a minor, oral copulation of a minor and three counts of misdemeanor child molestation. The district attorney’s office dropped four of the five charges as part of the plea deal.

A lawsuit filed in January by the victim’s family alleges Stumph had a relationship another underage student prior to the one for which she was charged. Administrators ignored complaints about Stumph’s initial relationship with a student, according to the suit.

The plaintiffs state in the lawsuit that Stumph encouraged their child to confide in her in order to acquire his trust. The sexual relationship began in Sept. 2014 and lasted until Dec. 2015, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the suit states Stumph would fondle the student during and after the class. She also sent him sexually explicit photos and videos and had him removed from another class so that she could molest him, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit names Stumph, the Lucia Mar Unified School District and several district employees.

On Dec. 4, 2015, school administrators informed the Arroyo Grande Police Department that they had received information that Stumph had engaged in sexual acts with an underage student. Shortly after receiving the tip, school administrators placed Stumph on administrative leave. Months later, Lucia Mar officials said Stumph was no longer employed by the school district.

In 2013, Stumph was named regional occupation program teacher of the year. Stumph married a fireman several years ago, and she has multiple children.

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Justice will apparently be served in other ways.

the courts just decided this female sex offender has a pussy, and no previous criminal record.

so the light sentence by the chivalrous state; her hero.

Not so from the citizens that watch gender bias, and see this sentence as a crime, encouraging other women to go for the quickie and the hand-slap.

Prosecutors initially charged Stumph, 36, with oral copulation of a minor


That poor poor child. That memory may haunt him for the rest of his life.

Only 16 years old and having to go through that nightmare. Just the visual of it alone, is pure horror.

Let’s hope none of our other 16 year old males ever have to endure such an experience.

Regardless of whether this appears to be the fulfillment of a teenage fantasy, it is still a crime. This woman is sick and needs to be removed from her job and future interaction with minors.

If the genders were reversed would your attitude be so cavalier?

Culinary Arts eh! I believe she may have failed her English classes and subsequently confused culinary with a similar word that more closely fits her MO.

Another sad day for California education.

She got off easy, and it would seem often too. For some reason a woman who does this just doesn’t seem as serious as a man taking advantage of a young girl. It’s almost as if we (men) see it more as a badge of honor, a notch on the belt to get with a hot teacher. I can just imagine the gossip and rumors flying around school. A regular movie of the week.

A “badge of honor”? More like a pleasurable release. What she did was wrong without a doubt, but it IS different.

An adult male sexually preying on a teenage female IS different than an adult woman sexually preying on a teenage male. It may not be PC to speak the truth on this one, but it’s still the truth.

Care to enlighten us on exactly how in your twisted mind it is different? In both cases you have someone who is an adult in a trusted position of power taking advantage of a minor who they have authority over. Trust me, there are some female minors that want to sleep with the male teacher just as bad as some male minors want to sleep with the female teacher. It is still deplorable sexual abuse no matter how you look at it. The sentencing should be identical no matter what the gender of the perpetrator or victim is.

6 months? SIX months?? A lousy SIX MONTHS??? What am I missing here? Hell she will probably be back in a classroom in 7 months.

Age of sexual consent in the U.S. in 1880? For most states, age 10. For Delaware; 7.

The “victim” almost died. From too many high fives.

Yes I’m Sure , The Poor Lad most likely Still has a hard on, It may not ever go down.. Poor Young man.

Register as a sex offender? Naw we wouldn’t want any real consequences to her illegal actions, welcome to California, hey but at least the DA gets to put a win on his scorecard.

At 16 I would have been extremely grateful to tap someone like Stumph. How times change…

How times change indeed… now you are just grateful to tap anything with a pulse, eh SamLouis? :)