AG man arrested for embezzlement

May 27, 2017

Fred Avila

Pismo Beach police arrested a 50-year-old Arroyo Grande man on Thursday who is accused of fraud and felony embezzlement after he claimed he was the owner of a majority of properties from north Shell Beach to Avila Beach. Avila allegedly submitted false lien paperwork to San Luis Obispo County and the city of Pismo Beach.

Investigators allege Avila had been contacting utility companies and requesting services be transferred to his name for multiple privately owned residences in Shell Beach, which he was successfully able to do in several cases.

In addition, Frederick Avila used a fraudulent check to purchase a vehicle from Santa Maria BMW.

On Thursday, Pismo Beach police officers recognized Avila as a passenger in a vehicle traveling on Dolliver Street.

The three people in the car all resisted arrest, according to police. Inside the car, officers found more than a pound of methamphetamine and items used for drug sales, police said.

Officers arrested Curtis Baldwin, 55, of Tucson, Arizona for possession of a controlled substance for sale and resisting arrest. Officer also discovered Baldwin had a federal warrant for interstate drug trafficking.

Officers charged Sandi Davis, 35, for battery on a peace officer, possession of controlled substances and weapons charges.

After arresting Avila on suspicion of felony embezzlement and resisting arrest, officers turned him over to the Santa Maria Police Department.


Most thieves only try to steal personal property. This one tried to steal homes! This is a deviously smart and dangerous con artist.


One would think it not so easy to get a utility changed, but I’ve heard people doing this with cell phones (claiming to be the owner of a number, then getting the victim’s service transverse to a new sim, this stealing their info).

Amazing how easy we’ve made it for thieves. At least someone along the chain noticed something, and they caught this did that.


What’s this world coming to. Rhetorical question.


Amen Brother. Seems like everything is falling apart.