Morro Bay teen arrested for allegedly making threats

May 27, 2017

Police arrested a Morro Bay High School student Thursday on suspicion of making threats against the school after another teen reported spotting the alleged threats on social media.

Officers contacted the teen’s mother who cooperated fully with police and brought her son to the police station. Police then arrested the 17-year-old male student and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Hall.

Because of his age, the student’s name is not being released.

On Thursday morning, school officials sent parents a message informing them that a safety issue had occurred. Classes then continued as usual.

Rich in MB

You have to feel somewhat sorry for kids today, but judging from some “adults” it’s understandable, the moral decline is in full swing.


Oh, if u are a kid and make threats u get in big trouble. I find it very troubling that I was delivered a death by cop threat in your county by an adult and was laughed at when reported it to cops. Glad I got away with my life.


Kids need to be taught that the internet does not grant you anonymity to do and say what you want. Example. I have told my kids to be careful of all postings on social media as they stay up there forever. Many employers are now scanning names of job applicants to see what footprint the candidate has on net. So your actions today can stick with you forever.

We as parents need to make young minds aware of actions.


What is becoming abundantly clear is that children are being raised in a vacuum of sorts, lacking the knowledge of how to navigate through life with a moral compass.

William Golding’s “Lord of The Flies” is very insightful in to the behavior of children in the absence of parenting. Toss in today’s social media phenomenon and you have a potentially perfect storm.


Maybe a relative of Rich in MB?



Well, just wondering- has CCN decided to allow personal attacks on other commenters now?

If so, just confirm that, please, because I’m pretty sure that we could see a massive unleashing of venom that would generate a whole lot of excitement on these pages.

Thank you for your attention.


There is a pattern of arbitrary censorship regarding personal attacks depending on who the”victim” is.


What a good neighbor you are…..casting stones needlessly.

Makes me feel sorry for whomever lives at Foothill 125…I am sure fhill123 is a joy to have next door!!

“Get off my lawn libtards”… probably echoes through the entire neighborhood on a daily basis.


But the school’s mascot is a pirate with a knife clenched in his teeth.


The history of the world is predicated on violence. Are you suggesting that MBHS do what Disney did a few decades ago when they softened the portrayal of the pirates in Pirates Of The Caribbean? History is history….no need to revise it…but rather educate to help prevent it’s recurrence.


I see. So to properly educate, the pirate could be depicted swinging from the yardarm by a noose around his neck.


No, the pirate should be what he really was, a scholarly gentleman of manners and respect for life and women .A true Renaissance Man…a man or all seasons.

While we are rewriting history, let’s revisit a recent locker room incident involving a coach and a students that simply characterized by most as being nothing more that boys will be boys locker room behavior…Good grief.


Of course its clenched in his mouth, he has no hands or arms!