California drops communist worker bill, lawmaker issues apology

May 18, 2017

A California lawmaker has rescinded his bill that would have made it easier for members of the Communist Party and their sympathizers to work for government agencies in California. Though the bill was advancing through the Democrat-controlled state Legislature, it was causing uproar in California’s sizeable Vietnamese-American community.

AB 22, introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), would have eliminated a provision of a Red Scare-era law that allows government agencies to fire public employees for being member of the Communist Party or advocating on its behalf. The aim of the Red Scare-era law was to prevent the overthrow of the state or federal government by communists or other subversive groups.

Last week, AB 22 passed the Assembly on a 41-30 vote. But, the bill drew fierce opposition, particularly from Vietnamese-Americans and veterans.

On Wednesday, Bonta announced he would withdraw the bill as a result of his conversations with constituents and members of the public. Bonta stated in a press release that AB 22 was a “technical cleanup bill,” but it brought up real pain from some people.

“Many expressed these concerns to me,” Bonta said. “Through my conversations with veterans and members of the Vietnamese-American community, I heard compelling stories of how AB 22 caused real distress and hurt for proud and honorable people. For that, I am sorry.”

The Red Scare-era law that Bonta sought to alter also allows local agencies, the state Legislature and the United States Congress to subpoena public employees to answer questions under oath about their ties to the Communist Party.

Bonta’s proposed amendments would have eliminated provisions mentioning communism, the communist movement and the Communist Party. Under Bonta’s proposal, advocating the violent overthrow of the state or federal government would have remained a fireable offense for public employees in California.

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OK, I can imagine why some people would be upset by this bill BUT I had hoped, when reading a news story, that I wouldn’t have to use my imagination. CCN, why exactly were Vietnamese Americans and Veterans upset about this specific legislation? I want to understand their point of view.

“CCN, why exactly were Vietnamese Americans and Veterans upset about this specific legislation? I want to understand their point of view.”

WOW! UnReasoned- you DO know about the Vietnam War, right? Please, please, please tell us that you HAVE heard of the Vietnam War!

My God- I knew that California schools have done their best to distort and dumb-down history, but never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I realize that it was THAT bad. This is stunning- absolutely stunning.

I’m surprised by this quite frankly. Sacramento politicians are usually so goofy in their attempts at ‘changing’ California, its refreshing to see they can still think on occasion.

Here is the problem when you think with your heart and not your head. Yes some things sound good on the touchy feely scale, then when looked at in BIGGER picture when one has a chance to THINK about it, it doesn’t always sound as good.

Perhaps Bonta should have discussed his “brainchild” with his constituents before introducing this bill – just sayin.

Now that’s true democracy in action. Thank you legal immigrants and descendants, you are true Americans.

This whole story tells me that it is time that California lawmakers begin to do a little less law making and a little more law abiding.

Time for a ballot initiative to force a part-time legislature in California, they clearly have too much time of their hands.

My ancestors fought against the British in the Revolutionary War to protest unfair taxation; some of them died at Monmouth and Brandywine. Could I get the new gas taxes rescinded and maybe an apology since getting fleeced by government causes me great anguish too?

Communists? Are they really still around? Oh course, keep in mind, we import billions of dollars from the largest communist nation on earth and at a deficit too?

In terms of Governor Brown, who first made his way into office on a platform of supporting Proposition 13, driving his own car (not the Govlimosine) and lived in an apartment instead of the “Mansion”.

There is plenty of existing tax revenue to maintain our roads (State/County/City)…

Well, it is time for him to hear the voices of all Californians, not simply the privilege who put him in office second time around!

There is a “Proposition” in the works to rescind the tax increase passed by our state senate and assembly in the middle of the night before they taking a two-week vacation at our cost?

Here it is, in the process, and I hope you all sign it and stand up for what is right …

Well, it obviously seemed like an idea whose time had come, at least in California…