California may give refugees state jobs and in-state tuition

May 19, 2017

Refugees on the border between Serbia and Croatia

Faced with an influx of refugees in the Sacramento area, California lawmakers are pushing a legislative package that would help new arrivals with integrating in the education system and workforce. [Sac Bee]

Assembly members Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), Lorena Gonazlez Fletcher (D-San Diego) and Adrin Nazarin (D-Sherman Oaks) co-authored a pair of bills called the “California Welcomes Refugees” package, which passed the Assembly on Monday.

AB 343, which passed on a 65-0 vote, would make all refugees eligible for in-state tuition at community colleges immediately upon their arrival in California. AB 349, which passed the Assembly on a 41-30 vote, would give preference for state government jobs to holders of Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) who worked with the United States military in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Sacramento region is the top landing spot in California, as well as the country, for SIVs from Afghanistan and Iraq. More than 2,000 SIV refugees arrived in Sacramento from October of last year through this march, according the state Department of Social Services. About 6,000 SIV holders arrived over the last five years — more than any other region in the United States.

So far this year, refugee arrivals have decreased nationwide by 21 percent. However, arrivals are increasing in the Sacramento area.

The Trump administration has tried to suspend the entry of visitors and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries, including Iraq. Federal judges, though, have blocked the implementation of Trump’s orders.

Some of the refugees arriving in the Sacramento area are reported to have worked for the United States Embassy or had professional experience in Afghanistan in the fields of business, medicine and engineering. But, they are struggling to get credentialed and/or transition into the workforce in California.

Assemblyman McCarty said many refugees, particularly Special Immigrant Visa holders, would qualify as data analysts, accountants and administrative and support personnel working for the state.

“Not only are SIVs extremely brave, but they’re really talented, educated people who served with Special Operations, the State Department and the CIA,” McCarty said. “They have tremendous skills and we’d be fools not to get these individuals integrated and working in California, especially through state government.”

McCarty says he is now working on an appropriation in the state education budget that would allocate $5 million to California school districts that are highly impacted by refugees. The funds would be directed first to Sacramento schools, and they would “help these kids succeed,” McCarty said.

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I reply to SLOBIRD the gas tax will actually go to sanctuary cities when they lose their federal monies .. Gasoline in oklahoma is $1.81 a gallon today

Just when you thought Excremento couldn’t get any worse.

You are so right cooperhead!! WHAT are these TRAITORS doing???? It’s one thing to try to help the refugees….but to GIVE them preference OVER AMERICAN CITIZENS?? And I’m sorry EVEN if they did help out our Gov’t in Iraq…guess what – THAT was actually to HELP THEMSELVES (their country) in the long run NOT for personal gain!!! I’m so sick and tired of the AMERICAN PEOPLE getting trampled on. These politicians have it way to “cushie” or something, they have great medical and retirement so they don’t care about the rest of us!!! The Dems are losing their minds and GIVING AWAY THE FARM. STOP – this is such lunacy!!

Is California intentionally creating the need for a sliding scale, just like the proposed treatment for traffic fines. Will we be issued an I.D. that references our earned income so that the government can better decide what you should pay for everything. I do not agree with this extreme reach for more tax payer subsidies so that California can fund more welfare. The consequences, pay attention to the consequences and forget the sell.

A recent audit of the University of California system discovered a secret hidden fund of $175 million reserve that is to be used to fund presidential initiatives, that would be President Janet Napolitano (Obama’s former Homeland Security nut bag) and then our Gov Moonbean rewarded her with the adjustments in the State Budget and gave her another $50 million so she would cooperate with the audit which she tried to interfere with. WHAT, they should fire this corrupt Democrat!

Everyone should read where Senate Bill 1 – your Gas Transportation Tax money is going – already $1 billion going to Bay Area rail system and San Bernardino Special Roads for a new area of development (had to pay off the politicians for their needed votes). Then, we are going to pay off old debt, the CHP is getting a chunk, bikes, trails and public transportation are high on the list and then we might get some for pavement of roads but that is not the priority!

This entire State Politics is corrupt and evil and half the legislators and their families are illegal. We have become an arm of government for Mexico! Enjoy your hard work and keep giving the State that tax money to waste!

It is yet nother “boondoogle” forced on us by a governor and legislative branch completely out of touch with their electorate!

Well, they may think they’re getting away with it like the gas tax, a high speed train, drivers licenses to illegal immagrants, etc., etc….

I thought Washington was bad, but Sacramento should get a second place prize for alienating the those who placed these politicians in office!

How could we be so naive and stupid? In California, t is so recall and proposition time, to restore “The Voice of the People”!

You are correct. Unfortunately now days the people are the ones who the politics are giving everything to as we the taxpayers support them.

It’s not such a bad idea if they are truly the people who helped our military overseas. But it being California I have a feeling that it will soon morph into “Anyone not a US Citizen”.

Shelworth – I’m not cold-hearted about the reasons why people would want to flee some of the countries like Afghanistan and Iraq…I sure the heck would NOT want to live in places like that…HOWEVER, I said it in another post – even IF THEY HELPED the U.S. Gov’t that should NOT BE REASON for them to get preferential treatment OVER AMERICAN Citizens who are applying for State Jobs!!! When these refugee’s were helping our Gov’t they were actually helping themselves- their extended family members, they COUNTRY – So WHY should American people have to step to the side to give them the highly coveted jobs here in California?? Ridiculous!! I think because the politicians have had TOO EASY – they’ve had great health (not ObamaCare), they’ll have good retirement so they think nothing of “giving away” these jobs that SO MANY AMERICAN CITIZENS would LOVE TO HAVE – working for the STATE!!! I think it’s a HORRIBLE IDEA and would set a precedent for future dealings down the road. NO we SHOULD NOT give them preferential treatment, especially for the coveted State jobs!!

I agree, they should at least come after our Veterans. But the ones who truly helped us in the middle east won’t have much of a chance if we just leave them there. Not necessarily the jobs, but a chance to live in the US and become a citizen should be offered to them. I have lost so much faith in California’s government that I really don’t doubt they would rather help the ones who worked against us, rather than the ones who worked for us.

California has its own refugee problem, everyone with common sense is getting the hell out before this state explodes.

One of my grandchildren lives out of state. Maybe she could be a refugee to California and get in-state tuition??

How about it Gov. Moonbeam??

HAHAHA, I know JohnnyBoy, I wonder if I can denounce my citizenship and become a refugee and get one of the coveted State jobs??