Lawmaker files initiative to repeal California gas tax

May 6, 2017

California voters may have a say on the gas tax increase that Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed into law.

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) filed an initiative on Friday that calls for the repeal of SB 1, the gas tax increase law. Allen is striving to place the initiative on the Nov. 2018 ballot.

“Jerry Brown’s decision to push through the largest gas tax increase in California’s history without the approval of voters demonstrated a complete disregard for ordinary Californians,” Allen said in a statement. “This ballot initiative will correct Brown’s failure and allow the people of California to decide for themselves if they want to raise their taxes.”

SB 1 increases gas taxes and vehicle registration fees in order to raise $5.2 billion annually, or $52 billion over the next decade, for road repairs and maintenance and other transportation-related projects. Starting in November, the tax on gas will increase 12 cents from 18 cents per gallon to 30 cents per gallon.

Taxes on diesel will increase even more. The excise tax on diesel will go up 20 cents from 16 cents a gallon to 36 cents a gallon, and the diesel sales tax will rise from 1.75 percent to 5.75 percent.

The legislation also creates a new vehicle registration fee ranging from $25 a year to $175 annually.

Backers of the repeal initiative have 150 days to gather 365,880 signatures from registered voters in the state.


Thank goodness for Assemblyman Travis Allen, it’s good to know we have at least one Assemblyman that is trying to do the right thing. This tax increase has some people fighting mad, some are writing the president asking for an investigation into all of California’s politics. Just who gets what and how, and where all of the dollars are going. Whether you are on the right or the left you know in your heart that our state is being run poorly. You know this was an incredibly harmful tax. Not just the tax it’self but the manner in which the tax was approved and the way it will be implemented. Dirty politics!


In reply to been there done that.

How about not giving extra Billions of dollars to the military just so we can build more bombs?

How about not spending extra Billions just to build a stupid wall?

How about not doling out taxpayer money to red state welfare cheats?

How about not wasting taxpayer money just so you can live the High Life as King?

Oh wait, all of This water is ok, right?


Don’t forget they added in last minute wording that would divert some of these fund to help pay off the pension problem.


We all know that little, if any, of this huge tax increase will be spent on roads. Just like the last time democrats pushed the same LIE.


“SB 1 increases gas taxes and vehicle registration fees in order to raise $5.2 billion annually, or $52 billion over the next decade, for road repairs and maintenance and other transportation-related projects”.

Funny, all these hypocritical Republicans who typically want all the benefits and none of the costs of their use of public services, then try to make Governor Brown sound like a bad guy. Just another version of the welfare cheats they so like to paint others as.

No, I don’t want to pay more in taxes for these things either. What solution do you propose then? Oh wait, this is really just a back door attempt to try to get rid of Brown because he had the audacity to stand up to their King, Trump.


How about saving money not trying to be sanctuary state? How about not signing ridicules pension plans for prisons? Or bad energy plans (Enron) in first place? Or paying medical on illegals? Or on same note the extra monies spend in schools because of language barrier?

Should I go on or do you get the picture and answer to your question. It is called LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!! And for the love of God don’t come back with an idiotic comment of being racist because I call things as I see them. That doesn’t make one racist.


Bullet trains and bicycle paths.


Yep that’s more.


I’d really like to see where and how these people spend our gas tax money,there is millions and millions of dollars passed on to sac every month from gas taxes and it would be interesting to see how they wizz it away.

The Identarian

A good start. What really hurts California finances is crazy salaries and pensions. Tackle those 2 and California will be gold.


TRAVIS ALLEN FOR GOV. replace the brown lets FLUSH him down


Leave it to the “workin man’s” party to fight this punitive action on the poor, disenfranchised and working class!

Oh, wait, that was a republican. Where are the democrats on this? Taxing the poor? Again? Or if one owns and/or drives (and consumes gas) is one no longer poor?

What a sham.


Right on Roy. It also wrecks blue collar jobs as an owner of a construction company with a $20k per month diesel and gas bill is sure to be laying off some workers after the increase in costs.

Let’s wreck the economy so it doesn’t have a chance to improve. These legislators are idiots.


Thank you, Assemblyman Travis Allen!