SLO County shutting down popular Paso Robles roadside stand

May 8, 2017

San Luis Obispo County officials delivered an eviction order to a popular roadside produce stand in Paso Robles, angering customers and prompting a petition drive.

The family-operated stand has been selling produce, including locally grown strawberries, at the corner of South River and Charolais roads for several years. The business reportedly does not have the permits needed to legally operate at the location.

County officials are ordering the business to leave the location by May 31.

Meui Saelee, the owner of the produce stand, said her family was shocked by the eviction order. The pending eviction is devastating because the stand is all her family has, Saelee said.

County Building Division Supervisor Art Trinidade said officials are working with Saelee to help get her a new stand with proper permits. The county says it is considering extending the eviction time frame.

When customer Nancy Peck heard about the eviction order, she launched a petition calling for the county to extend the closure until the end of produce season. The petition now has more than 500 signatures.


Hmmm…a novel idea might be to give the vendor a period of time to file for the proper permits.. WITHOUT ISSUING AN EVICTION ORDER..Is not government here to help..not in SLO.


This is all about the county not having their hand in the tax grab pie…what A SHAME


Um..must say that new SLO county emblem is mighty professional lookin. What did that cost us tax payers to strip hundreds of vehicles of the old one, and install this new highly detailed and intricate emblem?.


Capitalism: goods and services are exchanged via mutual consent. Caveat Emptor.

Communism: Goods and services are the property of the state and may not be exchanged without express permission from the state..

SLO County: Goods and services may not be exchanged prior to getting written permission from the county government that explicitly regulates and defines all exchanges between parties.

Just who do these people think they are? You can’t trade vegetables without your paperwork! This is America. It’s not like we’re capitalist. We’re a centrally planned economy.

Folks, don’t be capitalists! Don’t think you have a right to buy or sell anything without permission. Our freedom depends on it.


Hey doc,

Regardless of the merits of this particular case, your definitions of :”communism” and “capitalism” are completely arbitrary and your own made-up definitions. One case to be made for the government is protecting the public from ingesting produce which may for one reason or another be unhealthy or even dangerous.


Out on the Carrizo Plain and nearby California Valley LOVE Art Trinidade. He and others have come to the aid of law-abiding property owners for years out here. When other jerks in SLO Co. treated my area as am afterthought (Jim Patterson) or like their own private trash heap, Art and many others stood by us and put a stop to the multiple criminal activities near the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

Those who whine and cry about their dealings with Code Enforcement are those who have illegal issues on their property or think they and their crap are “special”. Art and his staff remind them the law is fair and unbiased.


Kids this summer better watch our for Mr. Trinidade, he’ll be coming to close down their lemonade stands if they don’t get the right permits.


This is surely a sad story but, did the people think that just throwing up a building and erecting an open sign was all there was to owning a business? Everyone else pays fees and taxes and insurance and so forth.

Black Copter Pilot

We buy their stuff on a weekly basis. Good quality and fair pricing. Don’t like to admit it, but no pay, play….gotta pay the man. Hopefully they will comply and reopen

Black Copter Pilot

No pay, no play

When will this site get an edit feature?


The people who work under him don’t care for him either.

Mitch C

It is Art Trinidade that should be evicted. Trinidad has been running amuck for decades. The harm he has caused innocent people will haunt him for the rest of his life.


Hey Mitch, what about the real innocent people who pay the permitting fees, etc?. . You know the ones who do it the right way–and do not skirt the law?

I am sure these people are innocent as you say—-their act is not criminal. I didn’t mind their stand, but I assumed it was legal when I drive by.

But they are law breaker’s just the same. And by your logic they’re OK though–and should be left alone by Art Trinidade because we like their fruit….Art is a jerk in your book…and..

….they’re good people in your book….no doubt..but they were knowingly avoiding paying the proper fees.

Now I would contend; people who pay their permitting fees though are better people. How about standing up for them?

Cheating for an advantage in the market place is not new. Steroids in baseball, employers hiring the undocumented, the undocumented themselves. All look to get an advantage.

People making excuses for the cheaters–just as age old.

Mitch C

Excellent points.