State suspends Paso Robles bar’s license after worker sells pot to agents

May 2, 2017

An employee of the Pine Street Saloon in Paso Robles allegedly sold marijuana three times to undercover Alcoholic Beverage Control agents. The state of California responded by suspending the Pine Street Saloon’s liquor license for 25 days.

Employee Daniel French sold ABC agents marijuana during a six-week investigation into the Paso Robles saloon, according to the state agency. French pleaded no contest to selling or furnishing marijuana and received a 60-day jail sentence, as well as three years of probation.

The Pine Street Saloon is located at 1234 Pine Street. The bar is expected to reopen on May 21.

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Oh my what a criminal!! How did we all stay safe during such a scary time??!!

Now, what if I told you that the bar sells this interesting liquid that, if consumed in excess, will kill you and possible cause you to kill others as well.

Sounds scary, huh? But don’t worry about that stuff, we need to focus and waste our tax payers time, money, resources, sanity on this little plant.

Shaking my head :(

I feel for the owner. He’s about as anti-drug as they come.

They spent 6 weeks investigating this business and nabbed one employee selling pot? Gee, that was money well spent.

They spend far more time investigating alcohol sales. It’s about time they focused on other things like pot..

What a Flipping waste of Man power & energy.. crazy … I’m not sure who is dumber???

I feel safer already.

Hand it over man … Hit it Dude!