Grossman’s San Luis Ranch project heads to SLO planning commission

June 7, 2017

Developer Gary Grossman, who has donated big money to local politicians, is set to bring his San Luis Ranch project to the SLO Planning Commission.

Grossman, a major donor to San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill and Hill’s political allies, owns the former Dalidio ranch that was the center of a longtime development controversy in the city of SLO. The ranch is a 131-acre property between Highway 101 and Madonna Road, which is located in the county but may soon be annexed by the city.

On Wednesday, the SLO Planning Commission will consider approving an application to the San Luis Obispo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) for annexation of the San Luis Ranch property. The planing commission is also being asked to approve the environmental impact report and a general plan amendment for Grossman’s project.

Plans for San Luis Ranch include up to 580 homes on 40 acres, as well as 60 acres of organic farming and open space. Grossman is also proposing 200,000 square feet of commercial space, 150,000 square feet of office space and a 200-room hotel.

Gary Grossman

The homes Grossman plans to build range from 250-square-foot apartments to 2,200-square-foot houses. All of the homes would be constructed on small lots, which would be no larger than 3,200 square feet.

In order to mitigate the impacts of the development, Grossman said he plans to contribute millions of dollars toward infrastructure in the area, which would include new streets and possibly a Prado Road overpass.

Unlike Dalidio’s project, Grossman’s planned development has consistently overcome regulatory hurdles. Previously, the San Luis Obispo County Airport Land Use Commission set limits restricting the plans of developers, like Grossman, who seek to build high-density housing on the city’s southern edge.

But, the last SLO City Council voted to override the commission and allow high-density housing near the airport. Grossman’s plans may return to the council on July 5 as the city formally considers submitting an annexation application.

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I think that should stay in open space,just as E.D. had to do.

Come on Gary Grossman paid good money to buy those politicians to get his development approved, is he just suppose to count that money as wasted now?

He only bought two of them, and losers to boot.

Big article in todays rag how dumb and dumber know how to fix a percieved housing shortage in SLO, what a couple tools.

Where is the water coming from?

San Luis Obispo has a application for 45,000 acre-feet and a permit for this 75 year old, incomplete, Salinas Reservoir (Santa Margarita Lake). The obvious answer is the Salinas River, water that naturally quenches the North County. So far San Luis Obispo reports their current annual take to be less than 6,000 acre-feet, 39,000 acre-feet to grow. This growth should fill in all of the gaps between the Santa Maria River bridge, north to San Simeon. The coast with no heat, fresh ocean air and for the North County, no water. Many of us have been watching the gaps close over the last 50 years, the next 50 will go even faster with new voters and cultural demand. Can we change that? The money people are doing all they can to position themselves as water brokers, I guess the answer is No.

There is plenty of Affordable Housing in the surrounding areas. Why do people feel entitled to live in SLO? Because they work here? That’s not a good reason? No it’s because they want to, and it’s nice. You are not entitled to live where you work. Nice places come at a cost.

As your name states, you are from L.A. The economy for housing on the central coast and cost, and lack of business here is not justified. From track housing developments funded by ponzi schemes, real estate agents involved in city politics, and rich people gentrifying our home using memes to mess with real estate; cost of living here has sky rocketed in 20 years. Locals, such as myself being 5th generation with enheritance, cannot afford to live here with no real economy to support life here, unless i am in a line of work that over pays employees, ie, city workers, cops, firemen, sewage plant contractors, antiquated nuclear shareholder etc. Please keep your big city comments out of our little city living preaching ignorance.

And lets be real, San Luis Obispo turns down affordable housing grants non stop; because local gentrified elite land owners have destroyed any rational means of living.

Ah the ole’ 5th generation entitlement. I hear this one around town a lot also. So your family has had 100+ years to work hard, save and buy up houses and property in preparation for the last 20 years. Your family should own entire city blocks by now, just sounds like poor planning and fore sight. Even 35 years ago as a kid growing up in foggy Los Osos I knew San Luis was expensive and was going to be difficult to live in. I commute 200 miles to work for the opportunity live here and be by family. So tell me again about the sacrifices you’ve made to live here? But what do I know my family’s only been here 3 generations. Only in 2 more generations will my Grandkids have the 5th generation entitlement to SLO.

It is funny how you analyze a single aspect of my response, ignore the rest i had stated above and ran with it. And it is your choice to commute, and your right, a sacrifice; ok, if you want to call it that you can. A lot of gas you must use. And cost of living in the last 20 years, let alone the last 10, has increased due to stated reasons above, beyond the means of the local economy to afford. Not an argument, just facts. And yes, capitalism has patterns of rich coming from all over, building things up a bit, collapsing, leaving, and pushing out locals. Be it Hawaii or the Central Coast. I guess reducing quality of life is just “good business”.

I think it was only a matter of time before this area gets developed. The real question is, who benefits? The developer or the community?

or the elected officials and public servants? How do expect a poor public servant to survive on a measly pension of $150,000+ especially when they retire at 55.

You mean the public servant that’s paid in millions of dollars in State and Federal income tax, property tax and sales tax in their 30 year career? Also the same ones that pay a percentage of their retirement. But yes get mad at them, not the ones that have been on government subsidies their entire life and never paid any tax.


We all pay those same taxes, fireman aren’t unique. For someone that’s one of the SLO government elite, you seem to have very thin skin.

You are correct. We do pay all of the same taxes even those that go towards these retirements that no one can justify. The politicians are really the ones to blame for this. These are the pople that buy their votes by supporting the union demands for these special groups. None of them would ever say no in fear of possibly not getting their support and losing an election. If I were one of these people collecting these unwarranted retirements I think I would keep my mouth shut and be happy that they pulled a good one off and ripped everyone else.


I am very proud of the Career that I have and the retirement that I make. You somehow think I care what you, or anyone else thinks?

No I mean the taxpayers that are stolen from to support these double dippers and a system that in the real world would have been bankrupt decades ago. You have it a percentage far from the actual amount needed and run by a group of people who could care less if their investments make the needed return.