Was SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon’s pride flag torched?

June 2, 2017

SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon waving gay pride flag.

It appears that San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon was the owner of the home where a gay pride flag was allegedly stolen and burned, according to several sources.

On Thursday at 9:52 a.m., a resident on the 1200 block of Mill Street called to report an act of vandalism. Officers described the incident at the time as destruction, damage and vandalism of property, according to an arrest log.

On Thursday afternoon, the police department reported in a press release that someone had burned a gay pride flag within the city limits, but did not give any other details about the alleged incident. Instead, the department spoke about reporting hate crimes and the department’s commitment to inclusivity, according to the press release.

In the police log posted earlier today, instead of listing the specific property address as is typical, the department listed the vandalism as having occurred on the 1200 block of Mill Street.

Police department staffers and Harmon have failed to respond to questions about the flag burning. It is unclear if the mayor or the LGBT community was the target of the vandalism.

While Harmon and city officials remain closed lipped regarding the alleged vandalism, Harmon has posted multiple videos and photos of gay pride flags on social media. On her Instagram account, she posted a video of herself waving a large gay pride flag in the air.


Forget the fact that every dime the city gets now goes to pensions and salaries for these idiots. Call in the FBI and devote all resources to finding the culprit! This is worse than the drive by face slapping that was reported in West Hollywood a few years ago.


What’s really sad is, there seems to be more public outrage over Heidi’s flag being burned, than about the previously deported illegal immigrant for murdering his girlfriend:(

Heard all about the flag burning on Dave Congalton’s Radio show, the outrage it has created!!!

Talking about the murder not so much, if at all, if a news story doesn’t fit the political leanings of the news outlets, it get’s reported, but with a lack of passion for the story:(

Kaiser Bill

Because the murder of a woman by a recently deported immigrant does not fit the virtue signalling narrative of the liberal media. The media and the left would have you believe that every illegal alien is a hardworking field worker who has never committed a crime. This is sophistry. Less than 6 percent of illegal immigrants work in agriculture. Julio Cesar Alonso also came to America as a child, he’s one of the “Dreamers,” and his deportation and consequent killing of a woman dispels the narrative of all the Dreamers who just want to go to college and get a better life. Remember, someone said Mexico wasn’t sending their best, then he seemed to forget all about it.

But an act of petty theft and vandalism is amplified, called a hate crime, brings on calls of investigation and diversion of resources from the SLO Police Chief (who is biased because she is a lesbian). This is the reality of the Central Coast, it is an area that has been captured and converted into an intolerant liberal outpost by East Coast and LA transplants like Adam Hill (New Jersey) and Heidi Harmon (Pasadena).


Kaiser Bill No “deported immigrants” in this article.

Remember, someone said, stay on topic.

Kaiser Bill

Boldguy compared the dearth of coverage of “deported illegal immigrant” (his words, not mine) Alonso murdering his girlfriend to the burned flag story. I responded to his post. It is on topic.


Oh Beeerother….


If it’s legal to burn an American flag, it should be legal to burn any other kind of flag. The only crime here is thievery!

Niles Q

Theft and arson, for sure. It would seem to be a double standard, that one can burn an American Flag and it’s protected speech but a Rainbow flag is a hate crime? Doesn’t make sense to me.


Harmon is what (who) SLO wanted…and now they have to deal with it.


No, I don’t really think she was. It was either her or Jan Marx — both were horrible options. Marx seemed to be losing her grip near the end, but she wouldn’t have pulled some of the crap Harmon has — including turning her house into the neighborhood eyesore.


As I recall, the election for Mayor was a fair, democratic process. I can’t explain why Harmon was the preferred choice… but she was. the citizens of SLO through their apparent complacency, allowed the cream of the crap to head up the ballot.

And now they have to deal with the results…like it or not.


Some people sure have short memories. Heidi Harmon would not have been elected without the support of a number of conservatives and independents (i.e. Kevin Rice) who decided that her well-know kookiness was a better option than Jan Marx’ corruption. They knew that a conservative is not going to win in SLO (at least not at this time) and decided that Harmon, even though further to the left, was less dangerous to the city than a more intelligent but crooked and power-hungry incumbent.

What you all are griping about is just some of what should have been expected with her victory and I happen to agree that it is better than having Marx back in office. I just wish I could say the same about the presidency. The kook we installed there as an alternative to a crook is turning out to be just as crooked as the one we were trying to avoid.


For the sake of legality, I need to amend the two sentences in my first paragraph above.

The words “in my opinion” need to be inserted before “well-known kookiness”, “Jan Marx’ corruption” and “crooked and power-hungry incumbent.”


What in the world is going on? Where is all of this going. I’m very glad that I born along time ago and got to live and grow up in a much better America than today. And I’m not blaming Trump.


Heidi Harmon is the Democratic version of Trump. Look at her Facebook page, she is completely self-absorbed. How many photos can one person post of themselves?

I am wondering if this was a publicity stunt. If it really occurred, it is a property crime, not a hate crime. But lets have the police send out press releases and paint this as a hate crime, with Heidi Harmon as the hero.

Why not spend time on the financial issues in the city like the high cost of housing or unfunded pension liability. Instead, Heidi wants to paint the city as intolerant and herself as the savior. She pushed the both rally at the high school and the flag burning incident. How much press will she get out of this? I expect two dozen photos of herself with gay pride flag back drops.


Heidi Harmon is all about promoting Heidi Harmon. San Luis Obispo is in serious financial difficulty. It would be nice if she’d spend her time doing her job instead of issuing endless proclamations about how she’s going to save the planet.


Well if staff is too corrupt to let her save the city, maybe saving the planet’s a pretty good alternative?


Her Facebook page? Isn’t self-absorption ALL facebook is about?

The Identarian

Elections matter people. Why do you vote for marginal people like this clownish woman? Good luck paying the ridiculous salaries and benefits she no doubt supports for public employees.

Don’t vote for doofus people! Elections matter!


I’ve never seen a homosexual rainbow flag flying in front of Harmon’s house. What I have seen is an offensive “hybrid” American flag (usually coiled around its own staff many times) with the blue square and fifty white stars in place, while the red and white stripes have been replaced with a rainbow pattern. Modifying the American flag (in any manner) is terribly offensive.

I wonder if Harmon is aware of what Federal law has to say about displaying the American Flag?

§ 8. Respect for Flag.

(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure , design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

(i) The flag should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever…


Harmon needs to grow up. While it’s no excuse for thievery, her house is decorated in a manner that’s unbecoming of the Mayor of SLO. The decorations are highly partisan and in the case of the “American Flag”, offensive. They smack strongly of an immature person who either doesn’t care about the feelings of many local residents, or she’s being deliberately provocation. Either way, she needs to begin acting in a more dignified and mature manner. One that befits the office she won by only 40 or so votes.


That’s “provocative.”


You need to grow up. The younger generations don’t care about your obsession with childish mythology and manipulative patriotism. They are tools to control simpletons.


Except the “younger generations” often seem to be the controlled simpletons. A how do you think that is going to work out?


That is perception. There are certainly some sections of it that are entitled, dependent upon government, etc.. etc.. But these are the ones highlighted because they provide the narrative that baby boomers are looking for. This is consumerism, being sold the reality you want. I would not underestimate the younger generations based upon this narrative. Larger numbers of them are aware, awake, educated, self-reliant, and complex than any previous generation. And that will grow as they adapt to the information onslaught and become more skilled at using it properly.


BTW, don’t get me wrong.. anyone that would say that burning the LGBT flag was a big issue (that is, burning your own flag, not vandalizing someone else’s property) is just drinking a different koolaid, and not part of the group in the younger generation I’m talking about lol :)


“Modifying the American flag (in any manner) is terribly offensive.” I assume you feel the same way about those ugly “blue lives matter” flags?

As for Heidi’s house, I think it’s really cute. Don’t understand your problem with it. Mine is an esthetic statement, perhaps yours a political one?

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