SLO parking rates going up

June 9, 2017

Following a decision by the San Luis Obispo City Council this week, SLO’s parking rates are set to rise over the next few years.

Metered parking rates in downtown San Luis Obispo will start increasing at the beginning of next year. Currently, it costs $1.50 an hour to park in the downtown super core area. That rate will rise to $1.75 in Jan. 2018 and to $2 in July 2020.

Downtown core parking rates will rise from $1.25 to $1.50 next year and to $1.75 in July 2020. The outer downtown parking rates will increase from 75 cents to $1.00 in Jan. 2018 and to $1.25 in July 2020.

Drivers who park at metered spots in the outer downtown area have the option of purchasing monthly or quarterly parking permits. The monthly parking permits will increase from $40 to $60 next year and to $80 in July 2019 and $90 in July 2020. Quarterly parking permits will rise in price from $120 to $180 next year and to $240 in July 2019 and $270 in July 2020.

The cost of using city parking structures is also going up. The hourly rate at city garages will rise from $1 to $1.25 next year. In July 2020, the hourly rate will increase to $1.50.

For residents who live in parking districts, annual residential parking permits will increase from $10 to $15 next year, and they will rise to $20 in July 2020.

Additionally, drivers who have a habit of letting the meter expire will being may more in parking fines. The fine for parking at an expired meter will increase from $33 to $40 next year. Fines for other violations, like parking in a a passenger loading zone or parking in a lot without a permit, will also increase by $7.


Im 71 years old and willing to walk as far as it takes not to have to pay parking in SLO when I go there. The thought of those city employees and their F n pensions is my inspiration! They have rezoned some areas permit parking only and I will just walk further. They will keep ripping off taxpayers as long as they can. We all need to think about how to AVOID paying.


Better Idea is to not even go downtown since there is really nothing there and go out to the malls. But if you have to go downtown, park your car somewhere close to a bus stop and take the buses which the taxpayers subsidy for the college students. The City will continue to raise the rates along as the citizens use the services. OR, better yet, get your free handicap parking permit like everyone else who doesn’t want to pay!


I don’t shop or eat downtown because of the meter hassle.


It doesn’t matter to me – I don’t go downtown anymore. Parking is so bad, I just avoid It. I schedule about one business lunch per week in SLO, and it use to be downtown. Not anymore. There are great restaurants on the edge of town with plenty if parking. Cafe Roma, Taste, Spirit of San Luis, Upper Crust, just to name a few.

Once you’ve become fed up with the idiotic parking situation forced upon us by the brilliant city administrators, you reslize there are plenty of other options. I know I am not alone with this discovery. Many people I talk to say the same thing.

I wonder how long it will take the city to realize they have succeeded in their goal of discouraging cars in downtown SLO. They are also discouraging commerce. Fools.


Just one more reason to NEVER go downtown again. As if there’s any reason TO GO anyway.

As for the rest, just shows how city screws residents. City approves high density housing in our neighborhood without adequate on site parking. (Because 4 of the 5 on the current council actually believe nobody will have a car by 2020!) The new people who have no on site parking have to park in the neighborhood. Neighborhood forced into a parking district as a result of the city’s stupid high density without parking approval. Now must pay $40 a year to park our cars in front of our house. And our friends can’t come visit without getting a ticket. How does this make SLO a happy place?


Oh how I love Amazon Prime subscribe and save. Saves me taxes, shipping fees and time. Best of all; all my goods come right to my front door.

And since the towntown only caters to college girls clothing wise, there’s absolutely no need to park in SLO. Yes, retailers you can thank your corrupt government for your business failing.


Oh, come on people. Simple pucker up to keep funding the massive pensions these people will get. Right now they still need to steal a little from each of us and from the corporation yard. Hey, did anyone see that batwing mower going down the street, or that meth pushing cop, or that employee getting a little on the side. Now they are simply stealing a little from everyone every day to fund their unfunded pension.


Actually, all this goes to fund a new parking garage at Palm and Nipomo on a public parking lot that’s empty most of the time except for school kids who buy monthly passes to park there since the city made a parking district on streets where they used to park. The city hall geniuses, with full encouragement of their fellow geniuses at the Chamber and Downtown Association, think if they build it, cars will come! Well, maybe in 20 years or so. Of course the city planning assumes cars will have gone the way of the dodo bird by then, so go figure.


I guess they are doing their best to put the final nail in the coffin of retail downtown, not that retail really needs a final nail.

I feel sorry for the tourists who come here in their car. Not only is the parking a rip off, but you’ve got police hiding around corners (like Garden and Higuera) just waiting to ticket tourists.

I was up in Palo Alto last year. Vibrant downtown, and FREE parking. That’s the way to do it.


or Solvang


It’s just like our airport with its ridiculous big city parking fees (and no public transportation to airport) vs. Santa Maria’s where you can park for free for weeks. We’re acting too big for our britches. This continues because of all the rich people the city has attracted to move here thanks to its tourism promotion program. The rich are different from us.


Just another way for the locals to fund the “unintended consequences” of tourism. $40 dollars for a parking ticket. There are people serving hard time in prisons for lesser crimes.

Jorge Estrada

Maybe the City needs to address their requirement of low income parking as in low income housing. There is handicapped parking and homeless meters, maybe the new category should be Almost Homeless. The placard can read, “I rent in SLO”.


They have to cover the under-funded pension liability somehow, expect more tax and fee increases. They would never think to cut salaries, pensions and benefits.


Yup kayaknut…. no other reason.