Former Arroyo Grande teacher sues student she had sex with

July 20, 2017

Tara Stumph

A former Arroyo Grande High School culinary arts teacher who is currently in jail for having sex with an underage student has filed a lawsuit against the teen with whom she had intercourse. The former teacher alleges the teen defamed her. [Tribune]

In April, Tara Stumph, 36, pleaded no contest to charges of sexual intercourse with an underage student and received a six-month jail sentence. She began serving the sentence on May 1.

Following her conviction, Stumph’s teaching license was revoked. She will not, though, be required to register as a sex offender after getting out of jail.

Earlier this year, the victim’s family filed a suit against Stumph and the Lucia Mar Unified School District. The suit alleges Stumph had a relationship with another underage student prior to the one for which she was charged. Administrators ignored complaints about Stumph’s initial relationship with a student, according to the suit.

Stumph has since filed a counterclaim that alleges the victim defamed her to various classmates, relatives and other members of the community. The victim’s statements damaged her career and reputation, Stumph argues in her lawsuit.

The former teacher is suing for indemnity for any judgements against her, as well as civil damages and legal costs.

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“nolo contendere” “I do not wish to contest.”

When a defendant pleads no contest, he is not admitting guilt or disputing the charges against him.

The title of this article is misleading since no guilt has been established.

When an employee of the Lucia Mar Unified School district is sued, the District (Raynee J. Daley and Charles Fiorentino) turns it over to SISC (Self-Insured Schools of California) who appoints an attorney to defend the teacher. The law requires that the District purchase insurance for it’s employee in the event they are sued. SISC consists of a group of high level school administrators, including Raynee Daley, who pool resources in order to “Self-Insure” against lawsuits such as this. This isn’t really insurance. They do this so they can keep the money that would otherwise be paid to an insurance company. Since SISC isn’t insurance, California Insurance Code doesn’t apply like it does in normal insurance. We all know how normal insurance companies work so this is a great way to get around all the regulations imposed on normal insurance that are meant to protect the consumer from being mistreated. In this case, the consumers are the students and the employees of the District.

Anyway, SISC appoints one of their attorneys to defend the employee, however, they pay for it and the attorney remains under the control of the District/SISC. The District doesn’t abide by California Civil Code 2860 either so unless the teacher retained her own attorney she would not have independent counsel and she would have no authority to tell her attorney to file the counter claim against the young man to sue him.

The article in the Tribune said that the parties of the suit had agreed to enter into binding mediation. The mediator will be paid around $600-$900 and it could last for days.

I think the District/SISC is suing the family in order to get a lower settlement payout that they know is coming; not the teacher.

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A six month slap on the wrist jail sentence for having sex with a minor?

That’s only the beginning of the stench rising above this entitled white woman.

Six months? Child abuser?

Once upon a time some woman screamed at me about equality between genders.

She must’ve gone to AG, where mathematical operators like “=,+,÷” mean different things, and apparently the judge went to same High School.

This is why we can’t have nice things. And why even hanging around women is pure treachery for men.

Like that poor Bastard the Grover Beach popo offed a couple weeks ago.

I say steer away from these walking nightmares.

They mean you harm.

“And why even hanging around women is pure treachery for men…I say steer away from these walking nightmares.” That’s why many women are jumping for joy right now.

And, the fact that she is white is relevant for what reason?

Give me a call Tara…and we will talk { ; p