Jordan Cunningham bucks his base on cap-and-trade

July 20, 2017

Jordan Cunningham

While nationally Republicans are attempting to roll back climate polices, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham of Templeton joined seven other Republican legislators in voting to support Governor Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade program. The vote has led to a backlash against the eight Republican legislators who are accused of supporting tax increases.

Launched in 2012, cap-and-trade is a controversial mechanism designed to lower greenhouse gases. Under the program, many industrial companies are required to garner permits for emission allowances.

Companies can purchase the permits from other companies or from auctions held by the California Air Resources Board. Portions of the costs are then passed on to taxpayers.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office said in a March 29 letter to Assemblymember Vince Fong that cap-and-trade could raise gas prices by an estimated 63 cents per gallon in 2021, increasing to 73 cents per gallon in 2031.

Earlier this week, eight Republican legislators voted to extend the cap-and-trade bill for 10 years: State Senator Tom Berryhill (R-Stanislaus), Assembly members Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo), Catherine Baker (R-Walnut Creek), Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside), Health Flora (R-Modesto), Devin Mathis (R-Visalia), Mark Steinorth (R-Rancho Cucamonga), and Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley).

Cunningham said the vote to extend cap-and-trade will reduce taxes and support California businesses.

“Today my colleagues and I were able to reduce the costs of taxes, fees and regulations by $16 billion a year,” Cunningham said. “This bill ends the fire tax permanently and extends a manufacturing tax credit that will keep jobs in California. We have commitments that revenues from the auction will support agriculture, help farmers upgrade their technology, and enable local fire departments to buy new trucks and equipment.”

At Wednesday evenings Republican Central Committee meeting, Cunningham called in to defend his vote saying it helps puts a nail in the coffin of the bullet train and lowers taxes.

Nevertheless, many Republican leaders contend the extension will raise the cost of living for most Californians.

“We believe that the proposed cap-and-trade extension combined with the gas tax and the car tax hikes will be a crushing blow to California residents and small businesses negatively impacting their quality of life,” Senator John Moorlach said in a letter to Governor Jerry Brown.


No surprise. Jordan’s going the way of Abel Maldonado. Both sell-outs.


cap and TRADE!!!!!!!! People have wanted to TRADE carbon credits in the stock market for a long time now. It’s a scam. It will not clean or save the planet, in fact it will fill the skies with fat cats in private jets following Al Gore’s lead.

It’s getting obvious that nothing of substance and importance can take place in the world without first enriching the well connected elite.


so he rails about the raising of the gas tax by 0.12 to make up for stealing the highway funds but supports a tax which will raise the gas tax about 0.60. yeah, thanks Jordan!


“cap-and-trade is a controversial mechanism designed to lower greenhouse gases”

PLEASE! Cap and Trade will do NO SUCH THING AT ALL. It is literally selling AIR with tax payers and consumers footing the bill for the oligarchs to further enrich themselves. I mean, this is sinister Al Gore-type personal enrichment by playing on the prepared populace (read: brainwashed).

To think that establishing another Market for trade (think Stock Market) and allowing people to buy and sell and SPECULATE will do ANYTHING for the climate is just stupid. How stupid have we really become?

Find the bank that is behind the market, and you’ll see which politicians have accounts there.


1) Establish a carbon exchange

2) Create a Law (e.g. Cap-and-Trade)

3) Force people to “obey the law” and watch the dollars pour in from (quite literally) puffs of air!

Will companies change their emissions any more than already required by stringent laws? No. Instead, money will be spent (and passed on to consumers or confiscated from tax payers) and things will continue as they do. This is not an incentive to reduce emissions. Incentives are not needed when regulations are passed to limit them already. This is just a SCAM. S. C. A. M.

ANY politician or other moron who honestly does not see this as a scam is seriously a non-thinker.


Throw the RHINOS out!


Cap & Trade = Karl Marx under the bedsheets with your wife


…or Obama (Joyce Foundation) and Al Gore (Generation Investment Management)… for those who followed the scam that was the CCX.


Yes Sir, both Raging Marxiat


Well now,

This vote comes as no surprise,didn’t take too long to bite the Taxpayers who voted this Rhino into office. I bet you that JC is a one term Bum.

Rich in MB

If SLO wanted a Democrat in office we would have VOTED for ONE!

Rich in MB

Jordon just sold out his Base for politics and he just lost my support and Vote in the next election.

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