Paso Robles High parts ways with new football coach after first game

August 31, 2017

Larry Grant

Just one game into the season and months after hiring him, Paso Robles High School is parting ways with its head football coach, Larry Grant, a former NFL linebacker.

The Paso Robles Unified School District hired Grant following a months-long controversy over a locker room incident that led to the ouster of longtime Bearcat head coach Rich Schimke. Last October, Schimke was filmed licking or pretending to lick syrup out of the belly of a 17-year-old player.

Now school district officials are refraining from disclosing the reason for Grant’s sudden departure. They say Grant and the district mutually agreed to part ways.

Grant, too, is refraining from explaining his departure. Some media have speculated Grant’s quick exit from the North County coaching position could relate to two of his relatives reportedly transferring into Paso Robles High under questionable circumstances in order to play football.

The former NFL player, who has a sizable Twitter following, tweeted a statement thanking Paso Robles High.

“I would like to sincerely thank the Paso Robles High School for the opportunity to serve as head coach for their prestigious school.

“I’ve gained some amazing relationship with my players at the high school level and even many kids in the youth here in Paso Robles. I wish the team and their new coach all the best going forward for the rest of the season.

“My family and I are very excited about our future as we pursue new opportunities in the great state of California and all over America. Keep us in your prayers… I will keep you posted.

“God Bless.”

Last Friday, Paso Robles High lost its first and only game with Grant as its head coach. The Bearcats were defeated 12-7 by Lemoore.

J.R. Reynolds, Paso Robles’s offensive coordinator, has taken over as interim head coach.

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Last Friday, Paso Robles High lost its first and only game with Grant as its head coach. The Bearcats were defeated 12-7 by Lemoore.


How could any team lose to Lemoore? There’s like 80 people in the entire school. And they breathe cattle waste all day long.

No wonder he was fired.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Paso Robles High School athletics once again finds itself in disarray after parting ways with former NFL player Larry Grant. Grant has now been fired as a high school football coach each of the past two seasons, and it all boils down to a whispering campaign as to what is the real problem is.

The problems at Paso Robles High School extend way beyond this football coach. Paso Robles School Board of Trustees President Field Gibson, Superintendent Chris Williams and Athletic Director Anthony Morales represent the ‘Three Stooges’, and things have gone downhill since they came over from Bakersfield.

I say dump the Three Stooges and return Paso Robles High School football to its former glory.


I guess the coach wasn`t willing to participate in “locker room“ behavior like the last coach…so bye bye Gotta love this brain dead, good ol“boy. mentality….

“Paso Robles High parts ways with new football coach after first game”

Who won the game???

The article says they lost 12-7.

Lemoore, 12-7

Maybe its because he lost to Lemoore, blown out by Paso in last year’s opener on the way to a 2-10 season.

I’d enjoy seeing Jerry be head coach for the whole season.

And how much is this going to cost the taxpayers?

High School Football is on the way out…once the PC Culture takes over any form of male aggression will be deemed offensive.

When the PC culture takes over?

Or perhaps it will be when more former NFL players like Ed Cunningham, who recently quit ESPN, come out against the sport because of traumatic brain injury.

Are people like Ed the PC police? Or is he allowed to change his mind about the sport once better information comes along?

Football, while physical, is not a form of male aggression. It is a sport, like many others, that can build character and teach valuable life lessons.

It only becomes a form a male aggression, as you say, when it is coached and played incorrectly.

Beating one’s wife is a better example of male aggression. Something of which I wouldn’t mind the PC culture driving into the sea.

Aggression doesn’t offend you? Any rational person is going to be offended by aggression. This is the Merriam Webster definition of aggression:

: a forceful action or procedure (such as an unprovoked attack) especially when intended to dominate or master


: the practice of making attacks or encroachments; especially : unprovoked violation by one country of the territorial integrity of another warned that any act of aggression could start a war


: hostile, injurious, or destructive behavior or outlook especially when caused by frustration Aggression is often the expression of pent-up rage.

I am offended by your intolerance of aggression.

PC police! watch what you say and think folks. The rationals are here to take names.

I don’t think aggression is what the game of football is all about. I thought it was about teamwork, leadership, character building, and sportsmanship. None of these important life lessons have anything to do with ‘male aggression.’

How many years did you play? Offense or defense? Or were you a kicker?

Aggression is key to football, same with poker and tennis and most other sports. Aggression is not at odds with teamwork, leadership (most leaders are aggressive) or sportsmanship.

As any male who played sports, especially football or wrestling, will tell you, they learned positive life lessons, teamwork, sportsmanship and character building as a result of their time playing sports.

I think you might be imbibing too much of the modern, anti-male PC crap.

Football is a socially acceptable toned down version of war: conquering territory, body contact, intimidation, risk taking, strategy and tactics, etc.

A non aggressive team always loses.

Wow, that’s about the most inane thing I’ve ever read in the comments on this site. Oh wait, the most inane was when someone on here suggested that the last thing a man whose arms were being chewed of by a dog would want is for someone with a gun to kill it.

Rich in MB should have, and may meant to, use the word “aggressive”, meaning “pursuing one’s aims and ambitions forcefully, sometimes unduly so”.