Did Russia hack the U.S. election?

August 5, 2017

James Duenow


Suppose the Russians stole the election for Trump. It would happen like this:

They would bring in a group of their techie experts, perhaps a dozen or so. Having carefully studied the voting and election process, they selected certain districts in certain states where they would send their experts and hack the voting machines to switch votes to Trump.

They would do just enough of them to get Trump through the Electoral College and into the White House.

Trump and his compatriots knew of the Russian conspiracy and cooperated with it. Thus when Trump got to the White House he is basically Putin’s lackey. We don’t know entirely how Putin will cash in on this but he’s probably already is somehow doing so.

Both the United States and Putin understand that because they are nuclear powers there will be no World War II type war. Maybe some of their small allies or dependent countries will engage in smaller fights or civil wars, but always local or regional fights.

The Russians understand that conflict now will be in the cyber world. They will hack our industries, business, financial world and elections.

Putin would like to get lackies into office like Trump, in all democracies. Since Putin is already reportedly the richest man in the world (200 billion), he wants to be the most powerful. He plans to do this by cyber warfare.

I believe we will eventually win that war, too, once our government understands the threat. We will prevail when they provide the resources for our intelligence techie people to fully engage in the fight.

We will win because our people are better educated, trained, experienced and motivated. There’s no way a techie working at the direction of the tyrant would be as motivated as one defending a free democracy.

Though Russia has a huge landmass, covering 11 time zones, it has an economy smaller than individual states like California, New York, Texas and others.

In fact, since Putin understands the nature of modern warfare, he spends only about 10 percent of what the United States wastes on the World War II type military.

We really need to stop spending all our money (about 650 billion per year) on the military. But unfortunately’ we are in the clutches of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

Too many people are getting rich and powerful in this way in our growing Plutocracy. For this reason cutting military spending and putting our resources into fighting the cyber war is politically very hard.

For a politician to call for severe cuts in funding to the military would probably be virtual suicide. Since the U.S. Defense Department also wisely puts bases or arms suppliers in almost every congressional district, a call for cuts would also result in the loss of local jobs – a “No, No” for a politician.

So why is the White House in such a panic over the Russia investigation? Because they know the election was stolen for Trump. They are afraid the special investigation will expose this fact.

What can we do? Write our representatives and tell them to shift resources from fighter planes, aircraft carriers and such to the experts in the cyber war.

If we do so, we might well prevent future stolen elections by our cyber enemy. Of course, none of this will happen until Trump is out of the White House.

He must go!

Jim Duenow has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.


That’s crazy talk. There’s no way that the highly intelligent folks in our nation’s heartland states could be fooled into pushing the wrong button. Despite the fact that a recent audit of the surprising variety of U.S. voting machines revealed easy manipulation (see Defcon), we can be assured that no one would take advantage.

We should be confident that the Mitch make sure all is in proper order.

So good that the Hillary person has been supplanted by the Honorable Trump.

Have college aged kids? Checkout “Trump University”.


Bet he gets his news from CNN.


Regardless of what one thinks about Trump, at least he in not a dirt bag lawyer like most politicians these days.


The allied forces against Trump are dedicated to convict him based on making a lie into truth.

What is that lie? Answer: Trump is too inelegant to be president. Those who oppose him believe Trump is a horses ass who undermines the political and economic Establishment power centers that advocate “globalization” and the liberalization of every dimension of public morals.

The major cultural change induced by the electronic guitar, drugs and I phone addictions undermines the thesis that America can be great again. The culture is God defying and abandons traditional values to the utility of immediate gratification.

Trump feeds his enemies by his persona. His only salvation is provided by those who believe that his adversaries are wrong and that he is right. That division of the population that supports him must do so in the face of a hostile TV and print media that spins the lie, and this boil must be lanced if Trump is to survive.


Sober up Otis.


where they would send their experts and hack the voting machines to switch votes to Trump.



Pure fantasy. That’s not even what the leftie mainstream media is alleging. They are alleging a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign to dig up dirt and bad PR on Hillary. How all that played into the election–well, let’s just say they haven’t put all the pieces together yet so they don’t even know what their own puzzle is supposed to look like when it’s done.

Where you got your idea that key voting machines in key states were hacked and votes switched–well, I guess only you know where you came up with that whopper.


Bla,Bla,Bla…The Kremlin didnt steal anything. All we keep hearing is how the Trump is yet whatever dirt was unearthed about the democratic party and Hillary is being kept a secret. How is releasing incriminating documents of ill intent from one side stealing? According to the CNN, (commie news network) its roughly 63 million to 66 million on the popular vote. Folks act as if it was 125 million to a couple hundred thousand for trump. VP Pence will be your next Commander and Chief, better get used to that concept.


My thought is the Russians did in fact influence the election but they’re real purpose was exactly what is going on right now, a deeper divide amongst the people of this country brought on by the uncertainty of the trump administration ties, real or not, to Russia, and, casting doubt on the validity of our voting system.

I think they picked the perfect cast of stooges; a bunch of egomaniacal blue bloods who’s past positions and wealth have pretty much put them above the law. Problem is now is that this is not business law and or a public relations problem their having, nope! Now they’ve run into federal laws that are designed for just this type of shit and a bipartisan support to enforce them.

Believe it or not I am proud of what the senate just did in usurping the authority of the president to make recess appointments; it was a bold move made by patriots who are finally seeing the threat this administration is to our Constitution and our very way of life.

He will go! It took Watergate over a two years to come to fruition and this appears to be much more complicated with a wider cast of characters. If nothing more it will undermine the popularity of this POtuS and he will be a (very) lame duck president.


He will go…on to win again in 2020 and has my vote just to piss off delusional Progressives and their many minions. Keep hoping for failure, you no doubt voted failure and for the worst US President ever, and twice at that, and brought us the last eight long years of Zero.

Keep supporting the likes of Hillary and Brown, I really look froward to you explaining how the upcoming fraud of a Democrat fuel tax hike will somehow help the working poor and those on fixed incomes. Also keep mentioning the Russians, UFOs, Chemtrails and how Obama was so great, it lets us know who the loons are…

The Identarian

“Of Course None of this will happen until Trump is out of the White House”

How convenient. LMAO.


It was either that or all the swing states were fed up and voted Republican.