Did Russia hack the U.S. election?

August 5, 2017

James Duenow


Suppose the Russians stole the election for Trump. It would happen like this:

They would bring in a group of their techie experts, perhaps a dozen or so. Having carefully studied the voting and election process, they selected certain districts in certain states where they would send their experts and hack the voting machines to switch votes to Trump.

They would do just enough of them to get Trump through the Electoral College and into the White House.

Trump and his compatriots knew of the Russian conspiracy and cooperated with it. Thus when Trump got to the White House he is basically Putin’s lackey. We don’t know entirely how Putin will cash in on this but he’s probably already is somehow doing so.

Both the United States and Putin understand that because they are nuclear powers there will be no World War II type war. Maybe some of their small allies or dependent countries will engage in smaller fights or civil wars, but always local or regional fights.

The Russians understand that conflict now will be in the cyber world. They will hack our industries, business, financial world and elections.

Putin would like to get lackies into office like Trump, in all democracies. Since Putin is already reportedly the richest man in the world (200 billion), he wants to be the most powerful. He plans to do this by cyber warfare.

I believe we will eventually win that war, too, once our government understands the threat. We will prevail when they provide the resources for our intelligence techie people to fully engage in the fight.

We will win because our people are better educated, trained, experienced and motivated. There’s no way a techie working at the direction of the tyrant would be as motivated as one defending a free democracy.

Though Russia has a huge landmass, covering 11 time zones, it has an economy smaller than individual states like California, New York, Texas and others.

In fact, since Putin understands the nature of modern warfare, he spends only about 10 percent of what the United States wastes on the World War II type military.

We really need to stop spending all our money (about 650 billion per year) on the military. But unfortunately’ we are in the clutches of the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

Too many people are getting rich and powerful in this way in our growing Plutocracy. For this reason cutting military spending and putting our resources into fighting the cyber war is politically very hard.

For a politician to call for severe cuts in funding to the military would probably be virtual suicide. Since the U.S. Defense Department also wisely puts bases or arms suppliers in almost every congressional district, a call for cuts would also result in the loss of local jobs – a “No, No” for a politician.

So why is the White House in such a panic over the Russia investigation? Because they know the election was stolen for Trump. They are afraid the special investigation will expose this fact.

What can we do? Write our representatives and tell them to shift resources from fighter planes, aircraft carriers and such to the experts in the cyber war.

If we do so, we might well prevent future stolen elections by our cyber enemy. Of course, none of this will happen until Trump is out of the White House.

He must go!

Jim Duenow has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.

Niles Q

It no longer matters whether or not the Russians “hacked” the election.

If their intent was to disrupt our country, to nullify the power of the Congress AND the Presidency, it worked like a charm!

Congress is stuck in a ceaseless political battle, at each others throats over literally every issue and unable to get past this idea that Russia had the audacity to mess with our Democracy.

And Trumpnado is under constant suspicion and accusation by a national media that’s clearly lost its sense of ethical balance and is flat out trying to bring him down by any means possible, so he’s nullified too.

Just the idea of Russia “interfering” in OUR elections is enough to make half the population lose their minds.

Hell, I bet ol’ Vladimir Putin is sitting back, sipping vodka and laughing his ass off at how much havoc they wreaked on us with so little effort!


People that believe in this Russia conspiracy are so convinced because they STILL do not understand how someone like Trump can win an election. They are so in love with their own ideology.

They have so much hate for him and what he stands for that they cant fathom others NOT feeling as they do. This Russia thing MUST be the real reason, because all the others reasons such they refuse to acknowledge-

Hillary was terrible,

Obama was a big disappointment,

The Demomcrats are VERY concentrated geographically: urban areas and coastal states

DNC has lost touch with white and working people because of its policies,

traditional politicians failed their base which led them to the Trump alternative

we have many dire issues that no one has even slowed down- immigration, drugs, terrorism, employment


If the Russians hacked the election in every voter district needed for a Trump electoral victory without getting caught red handed in any of them then our IT schools are failing us as bad as the public school system has.

Anyone that understands the way our federal elections work would know this is absolutely impossible.

Can any of you imagine what the media narrative would be today if Trump lost and blamed Russian hacking for it?

Give it up James….give it up swamp!


I thought this Opinion piece was a spoof too at first…

Jorge Estrada

Anything to avoid the juicy story, ” How Hilary Lost”. don’t forget the huge number of fake voters: dead, fake citizens, etc.


Classic sign of too much booze & green buds! .. This is over the top.. Enough already

Last Individual

You were serious!? The entire time I was reading this I thought it was a humor piece. I expected the last line to be something like “If you believe any of this, I have a bridge I want to sell you.” Imagine my surprise when I read the whole thing looking for the punch line, and realized the author believed his own tripe. CCN should have warned us at the top of the piece that the author was someone who devoted his entire life to profiting off the misery of others instead of putting it in italics at the bottom.


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Makes no sense what so ever. For the time being he has the biggest guns will be feared the most and will be the winner without taking a shot. I would be completely surprised if someone could prove to me that the USA isn’t doing the same thing. Oh ya, where did those 33,000 emails go? The US has been overthrowing governments for as long as I can remember.

still laughing

It always amazes me how many low information voters there are in this area. You won’t believe it when they are all found guilty of colluding with Russia. When Trump because of his many bankruptcies couldn’t get loans from US banks he turned to Russia for his money. It is all going to come out because Mueller has a crack team of lawyers that are a lot smarter than this clown car. They own him but I am sure even with irrefutable evidence you still won’t believe it. Sad.


Yes there are sooo many low information voters in this area and they call themselves ‘progressive’ Democrats and support countries like Cuba, Venezuela and any other Socialist pit without hesitation. They used to fawn over the murderous USSR, back when the Russians were on the correct path to Socialist enlightenment. These former Hippies or other modern virtue signalers seem to always be on the wrong side of history and never have to answer for the disasters of Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia and Iran where they supported the formation police states or worse in the case of the Mullahs. This bizzaro world of the Dems. seem to miss the point of how the Russians had the perfect candidate in Hillary… arrogant, incompetent, sickly and ready to ‘lead from nowhere.’ So far Trump has done everything the Russians wanted him to do… unless beefing up US forces in the Baltics, re-installing anti-missle systems in Poland, supporting NATO members who actually meet their military obligations and bombing Russia’s ally in Syria for using Russian inspired chemical weapons can be seen as pro Russian. Looks like if Putin paid for Trump they should should demand a full refund since the US just started exporting Gas LNG to the Eastern Europeans that will break their dependence on Russian Gas and the winter time blackmail schemes the Russians have been pulling over the last decade, oops too bad facts are such a bad thing to Liberals…