Sanitation district awards controversial administrator life-time benefits

August 16, 2017

Gerhardt Hubner

The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District Board agreed to provide life-time medical benefits for former administrator Gerhardt Hubner and his family along with a $37,500 severance, following just 16 months on the job. The award occurred while Hubner  was battling allegations he misappropriated public funds. [Cal Coast Times]

Hubner was hired in April 2016. He received more than $16,000 a month in salary and benefits until his Aug. 3 resignation.

Last week, activist Julie Tacker asked the board to rescind Hubner’s resignation and fire him for cause for allegedly misappropriating funds. Shortly after he was hired, Hubner paid himself $3,500 for relocation expenses that the board never approved.

“The board should rescind the separation agreement and terminate Hubner for cause,” Tacker said. “Taking the funds without a formal agreement is tantamount to stealing.”

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there is a very distinct, and troubling pattern of government officials being paid ridiculous sums of money and benefits to just go away…why is that.These are OUR tax dollars rewarding these substandard officials who for the most part have exhibited bad behavior.

When do we say enough is enough and STOP reinforcing failure, waste, fraud, and abuse


Ok. Where do I apply to be the manager of the shit factory? Because if they are paying 16k a month and lifetime benefits after only 4 months on the job, sign me up!


This is one of the best examples of what a crime is. Hubner obviously has some dirt on somebody and is being bought off, Either way someone needs to be held responsible for this fleecing of our tax money.


Ask John Shoals and Linda Austin why they agreed to this. The public has a right to know.

It’s not exactly like the guy earned it.

He barely showed up for work and when he did he made a huge cluster f*@& of the place.


It is clear that Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals doesn’t care that tax/ratepayer is stolen or wasted with how long he cheered for John Wallace and company as they stole millions from the district.


I hope Patti Welsh and and Mary Lucy approve of this so they’ll go away with Hubner.

The Grover Beach and Oceano board members need to join them.


This was approved in his initial contract by Lucy and the other one. Likely why Hubner in light of his poor job rating stuck it out so when he ran away he’d be locked into lifetime benefits. Considering How many times tax payers have been screwed by this board of directors its hard to believe its still continuing. Maybe you all need to gather in SLO and have a candle light vigil of solidarity against getting screwed by your so called leaders.


This is yet another embarrassing example of why there are little funds to pay for sidewalks and street lighting in Oceano.

George Bailey

This sweetheart deal is criminal stealing, and whoever approved it needs to be prosecuted.


Direct all questions to John Shoals and Linda Austin.




If this is true, then someone needs to apologize for misappropriating even more taxpayer dollars. Absolutely ludicrous! Reprehensible!


Point all fingers at John Shoals and Linda Austin.


I don’t know how accurate this report is, but if it’s true some people should be flogged…where on earth can you get lifetime benefits working such a short period on the job?


Point all fingers at John Shoals and Linda Austin.


Where is it showing that Hubner was awarded life-time medical?


A few days later, Hubner announced plans to resign with an agreement in place that included a $37,500 severance payment and lifetime medical benefits.

Read the entire article on CCT.

BTW: what is with the Cal Coast Times vs. Cal Coast News? Did I miss something?