3 illegal immigrants arrested in San Luis Obispo

January 27, 2018

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested three illegal immigrants on various charges in San Luis Obispo Wednesday morning. [Cal Coast Times]

The suspects were reportedly living on Johnson Avenue near French Medical Center. ICE agents conducted a series of traffic stops near the home and took the suspects into custody.

Agents arrested the suspects on charges of possession of selling a controlled substance, DUI and possession of stolen property, said Tess Whittlesey, a spokeswoman for Rep. Salud Carbajal. Officials have yet to disclose the identities of the suspects or release additional information about the arrests.

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DACA = Deport ALL Criminal Aliens.

The sooner, the better.


ICE agents, Federal agents, running traffic stops? Unless done in conjunction with SLO PD, which I doubt is the case, they are exceeding their authority. They can serve a warrant but not put out drag nets looking for brown people.

A bit too Nazi like for my taste. Papers please.

How many laws do you bother to be an advocate of? Do you write about speeders, Jay walkers, people that fudge on their tax returns/ Why is it cons always say they are SOOO worried about the law but only focus on one of them. usually with brown people involved? Heidi is doing an amazing job. How do we know they aren’t YOUR friends and you’re simply trying to distract?

I’m with shelworth. Why can’t we just lock them up for the night until they sober up. Hardworking people who live on Johnson avenue don’t deserve this.

I’ll keep an open mind and guess they are from Czechoslovakia because slo is short for their home country and coming here was an honest mistake?

When are we going to leave these hard working, honest folks who just want a better life, alone!?

Congrats Slo city council for designating us a “welcoming city”. Why don’t you take the front doors off your homes and let ’em come on in like you do to our city. You need to think about our citizens first. That’s your job. If you want to express your compassion for illegals… go fix the lousy countries they come from. There’s no upside for us… as these scum bags demonstrate.

DUI, possession? I thought they were here to do the jobs Americans refuse to do? Will mayor Harmon bail them out and bring them home to live with her in the sanctuary city of SLO?