If Adam Hill doesn’t change, it is time for a recall

February 15, 2018

Mark Burnes


I wish San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill the very best, and I hope he is sincere in his admissions of aberrance and promises to seek help and regain our respect, but I remain skeptical.

Too often these “admissions” and these “rehabs” are simply the last refuge of a scoundrel who’s been cornered.

Efforts to recall Supervisor Hill will remain on hold until we can determine whether or not he actually is sincere.  If he is, then we look forward to him returning to his seat on the Board and conducting the duties for which he was elected in an ethical, professional, and respectful manner.

If he’s being disingenuous, then the recall effort will proceed.

I sincerely hope that it is the former, but am ready to take aggressive action if it is the latter.

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Take a few minutes and study the characteristics of a Malignant Narcissist. Here you have Adam Hill. Deceptive, manipulative, lacking conscience, arrogant, entitled, lacking remorse and empathy, win at all costs…he will not change.

Narcissists don’t change. Do not be fooled by what you see on th surface.

I am not a fan of Adam Hill. Especially for selling out Avila Beach to developers.Bullies with double standards have been pecking at him daily, weekly and monthly for years. For every millions of antagonizing words-he snaps back with a few of his own-then the bully’s cry and have a fit. Same bullies that puts up with Trump chewing up everybody around him except his family and Putin. Get a life hecklers.

You’ve got it all backwards. He snaps and we snap back! And it’s got nothing to do with Trump..

Recall is a TALL order. Prepare the papers, AH is his own worst enemy and will not change.

Hill will run again and he’ll win again. While people seem to be aware of Hill’s social issues, those same people don’t want a county leader that is pro-development and pro-offshore oil. I also see that many people are not pleased with they way a majority of the BOS created overly restrictive marijuana ordinances after a majority of the state voted to legalize it. One thing to “recall” here is the large margin by which Hill won the last election. Has that much really changed?

If it hasn’t changed then we all are in trouble.

Are you never outdoors for the last ten years?!! The county has been developed to past capacity of a formerly cool small town. Tens of thousands more people are here in the last ten years. Hill has each of his hands in a developer’s pocket at all times. And just because people voted to stop sending their family members to prison for weed, don’t make the assumption that everyone is pro weed anywhere and anytime by anyone.

“He will run and win again”? God forbid, but you might be right. For those of you who want an environmental leaning Supervisor, ask Hill to resign and let Jerry Brown appoint a suitable replacement. Somehow, I don’t think he would appoint a “pro-development and pro-offshore oil” candidate. Come to your senses!

Gee, as a single individual who worked for al ocal gov agency, with no power to direct the public, make million dollar calls and represent his constituents, I was accused of having mental issues much like Hill has now admitted to. I was then drug thru the ringer,screwed over for over 2 years and eventually Terminated from my public servant position for reasons unidentified. Here is a sociapath who admits he is not right mentally, displayed his inability to maintain in public and he still is in a position to call the shots for how many thousands of tax payers in his district? How typical of this county and its good old boy SOB network. BMFB ya bastards.

Mark, I commend you for your courage in standing up against Hill, but don’t let up. This morning’s Trib contained a letter asking us to give Hill a second chance. He’s had a hundred chances and he’s blown them all. If he’s truly sick, he needs to get help, but his transgressions have disqualified him from his office. After all, it may be the office that is feeding his demons. If he refuses to resign, the recall still needs to happen!

The article on this page, the letter to the Tribune. The harassment and leverage continues. What’s next-banners from on freeway overpasses? Assuming Hill is recalled, what are the hecklers going to do? They have been obsessed with Hill and his family for years. For the record-I hope he steps down. At the same time like to see mean spirited people disappear from the net, radio and newspaper.