Jerry Brown’s misplaced indignation

March 14, 2018
T. Keith Gurnee

T. Keith Gurnee


Governor Jerry Brown’s incendiary response to Attorney General Jeff Session’s recent Sacramento announcement that he was suing California for violating Federal immigration laws was both entertaining and troubling. And with Trump visit to California, we will see if Jerry further embarrasses himself and those he represents.

As an American first and a native Californian second, I’m also a firm believer that we are both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. We shouldn’t be trying to break up law-abiding immigrant families. And we need to find a path to citizenship for DACAs and law-abiding immigrants. But we also need to secure our borders, not so much with Trump’s wall but with greater security measures. Ironically, it is the Democrats who stand to be the primary political beneficiaries of such an agenda who are blocking that path.

But leave it to California, that bluest of states, to set the example for breaking our national laws. And leave it to Jerry Brown as the poster child for the willful disobedience of those laws. Here is a point/counterpoint to what Jerry said about Session’s litigation:

  • Jerry said “Trump is declaring war on California!” No Jerry, with its actions, California has declared war against the laws of our land.Jerry called Session’s Sacramento announcement “a political stunt.” No Jerry, it was an act of political courage.
  • Jerry said Sessions was “initiating a reign of terror.” No Jerry, California is nurturing its own “reign of terror” by protecting those criminal immigrants who commit felonies against innocent people.
  • Jerry extolled the sanctuary cities and state movement. No Jerry, were it not for the sanctuary cities movement and gubernatorial candidates like Gavin Newsome and Antonio Villaraigosa who support it, Kate Steinle would still be alive today.
  • Jerry said that California “is a state that is really working.” Really Jerry? Pleeease! As the Golden State continues its deliberate descent in becoming the state of insanity, what new state laws could be coming our way? Our State is already using taxpayer’s money to provide legal assistance for felonious immigrants. Could the next bill be a bond issue to build tunnels under the walls securing our borders?

There has even been talk of secession. Could it be that California is becoming this century’s South Carolina of 1861?

We are a nation of laws. We need to work within those laws to find the right and timely solution for immigration reform. Following California’s example is a sad distraction and obstruction to finding that solution.

Sessions was right in challenging California’s willful disobedience of the laws of our land. And California deserves to lose that challenge.


I don’t have the actual wording in front of me, but didn’t Brown take an oath of office, with his hand on a Bible, stating he would uphold the laws of the United States and the laws of California? If so, then did he lie? Or is he now stating that it is his right to decide which laws he chooses to uphold and which laws to ignore. If so, then is this a democracy or is it not?


Is there video of him taking the oath?, check his other hand, he probably had his finger crossed.


Alt tab…New pane…google CA Gov. Oath of office…read…

There is a reason is is not in front of you,; it is called minimal effort.

All oaths of office swear to protect constitutions, not laws.

As you know laws can be at odds with each other. Hence the need for courts to settle disputes.

Executive’s get to interpret the law as they understand it to be or until a court tells them otherwise.

Civics 101.


I strongly disagree with your stance on citizenship for illegal aliens. I say deport every last one of them and put those Mexican flag waving so called dreamers at the front of the line.


Is Jerry Brown’s indignation misplaced? Yes.


Ben’s proof are the esteemed journalist sources of CNN, MSNBC and the Huffpost and their ridiculous talking points. Tiresome.


Ben there is no truth in your comments… Our can only survive if truth proceeds us. This is a truth… We are a Nation of Laws!


Ok, Jerry’s out of there soon. So, what about Jerry’s Kids who will carry the torch on the next leg of insanity?

fat chance

AZ. went the other way and the Feds shut them down. There is no different in CA.,it just CA. want to protect Illegals. The Feds control immigrations laws. Plain and simple….


I wonder if we, as individuals, decided to choose which laws we wanted to obey or wanted not to obey without impunity where would society be?


we would be pooping where we sleep


Pretty much where we are now I think…

Ben Daho

I am embarrassed for you. “We area Nation of Laws”? where is your outrage with Sessions lying under oath to congress? Where is your outrage to Sheriff Joe breaking the law? Where is your outrage at Trump’s continuous law breaking with regards to abuse of power, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, conspiring with Putin, allowing his family to use the White House as an ATM?

Where is your outrage at all of the laws? Conservatives say they are “only going after Law breakers” but seem to ONLY concern themselves when the Law is about brown skinned people.

Nice try.


Where’s your proof? Just a lot of accusations so far.