Paso Robles police arrest teens over Snapchat gun threat

March 23, 2018

A Snapchat threat that led to the lockdown of four Paso Robles schools on Tuesday has resulted in the arrest of two teens on a firearm charge. [Cal Coast Times]

On Tuesday morning, a Paso Robles High School student met with police investigators and told them that he received a Snapchat message from another student that depicted the student holding a handgun. Law enforcement officers from six agencies then searched the Paso Robles High School campus, as well as nearby parks.

The incident prompted “shelter in place” orders at Paso Robles High School, Lewis Middle School, Liberty High School and Independence High School. Authorities quickly determined no threat was posed to the schools.

Police determined a 16-year-old former student was the individual circulating the Snapchat image. The image showed the teen holding a pistol and displaying rifles.

Investigators conducted an extensive search for the pistol in the Snapchat image. The search included a home in the 500 block of Ferro Lane in Paso Robles and the use of a Department of Fish and Wildlife K-9 that is specifically trained to locate hidden firearms. However, officers failed to locate the pistol.

Nonetheless, officers arrested the 16-year-old, as well as a 15-year-old, over illegal possession of the pistol. Officers booked both teens in juvenile hall on the single charge of possession of a firearm that can be concealed.

Police say the incident is unrelated to any prior school events from the previous two weeks, and there is no indication the gun was ever brought on school grounds.

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I hope CalCoastNews does a follow-up on THIS! We want to know what happens to these little turds who think they are all that and what kind of consequences they receive besides Juvie. How about the parents? Are they also looked at and talked to? Were these kids involved in Gangs? What were the circumstances that they even had sent a Snapchat to this Student at PRHS? We’d like to know more if you’re going to do any reporting at all….please give us MORE DETAILS and then please do a follow-up!

This is the kind of response that was needed in Florida, and the type of change that needs to take place.

I hopethe fools marching today to further restrict their own liberties see this article.

You confuse me Copperhead. So you’re cool with it being a crime to take a picture of yourself with a gun? The article didn’t even say a threat was made, just that snapchat session occurred with someone pictured with a gun. Due process is due here. You are cheering on charges of someone who possessed a firearm that “could have” been concealed. Every hand gun owner should be fearful of this line of thought.

It is a known fact; if you own a gun you have to take a picture of yourself with it. We are criminalizing that now?

If a threat was made, this would be something different, and it would be charged differently. But one would have to doubt that a legit threat was made here with the ludicrous charges they came up with.

I agree with the other poster….more information please.

Good! Zero tolerance for this sort of crap.