Sheriff Ian Parkinson bucks state, provides inmate release dates

March 31, 2018

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, who opposes sanctuary state rules that bar his department from cooperating with federal immigration officials, announced Wednesday at a town-hall meeting in Santa Margarita that he is providing the release dates of all inmates in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on the department’s website. [Cal Coast Times]

Last week, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department disclosed plans to skirt the new California sanctuary law, that limits cooperation with federal immigration officials, by providing all inmate release dates. Orange County officials have voiced concerns that a failure to remove criminals in the country illegally was a threat to public safety.

On Wednesday, Parkinson voiced his concerns with releasing people, who are in the country illegally and who have been charged with felonies, back into the community.

In response to a question about Parkinson’s views on Orange County’s decision to skirt California’s sanctuary laws, Parkinson said his department already provides the public and other agencies the names of inmates and their release dates on its website.

“We already provide release dates,” Parkinson said. “When you tie the hands of law enforcement to talk to federal law enforcement, it is unproductive.”


Wow. Before this I thought he was a douchenozzle. Now I know he’s a douchenozzle.

Jorge Estrada

Sheriff Parkinson has earned my support through RESULTS. My community’s crime concerns have plummeted as a result of our Sheriff Deputies on the streets. Sheriff Parkinson promised to be accessible and certainly has brought our communities within the comfort zone of good relations with law enforcement. The bad guys don’t like being watched so closely while our general public is getting improved safety. My vote will always be in favor of public safety.


Smart decision for the sheriff, and one that probably will seal his reelection win.


Well, well… A page right out of the current Washington Administration. When questions arise about your accountability, credibility and competency just deflect with the current popular fear mongering and voila, suddenly all is forgiven, if not totally forgotten, with the moral majority.


It must be very frustrating to you that you are fixated with only one thing. Your mind would probably be way more productive if you were able to think.


Not fixated, just able to disconnect the obvious right wing bullchit from reality. And, just like those who actually can’t think, you resort to personal attacks and bullying tactics rather than sticking to my assertion(s). That’s okay though, it’s to be expected…


I think the frustrating thing must be seeing every decision through the prism of politics rather than common sense.


It’s only frustrating when it’s so obvious that the decision is political.

Common sense wasn’t the deciding factor in this town hall meeting, the timing of it reveals why I feel that way. This thing with sanctuary laws has been on the table for some time now, plenty of time for the Sheriff to address it in this manner, but he chooses to do so when he’s under fire for his actions, inactions and his initial dodgeball approach on passing the buck relating to Mr. Holland’s death only cements my opinion on his political motives.

The Sheriff is a politically obtained and motivated office, it’s all about satisfying those that put him in that position so he can be reelected, so just about anything he does has political implications. You can’t separate the two when the two are in fact one in the same. I think Californians lose track of that fact; spend some time in a place like Arizona and you’d see the political prowess and power the Sheriff’s have in that state and you’d see for yourself (can anyone remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio).


Parkinson is impressive in his penchant for free thought and common sense. The Regressives are wasting their time and resources but please let them. That ilk is best at attacking and irritating people who like to use straws to drink, hold their drinks in styrofoam cups, use plastic bags to carry groceries and of course, let’s not forget their war on cars. They thrive on making life as tough as possible on people who just want to DRIVE THEIR CARS because they outgrew the bicycle as most adults do.

fat chance

At least he is doing something right…..


Is this the new common denominator now with the citizens of SLO? “At least” and “doing something right” is actually just code for doing just enough to keep your job even if it costs another person his or her life, right? Keep out or deport one or two, maybe even three, and you’re assured the forgiveness of the community for a persons death due to your incompetence. How we’ve progressed…

George Bailey


We must insist that American sovereignty be respected, and this effort by Sheriff Ian Parkinson to protect the taxpaying public from felonious illegal aliens is a step in the right direction. Remember, illegal is a crime, not a race, so do not be mislead by those who try to make this a racial issue.

Lastly, the libetard politicians who refuse to support the efforts of ICE: Operation Safe Communities ought to be ashamed of themselves, and corrupt people like Adam Hill, Caren Ray, Steve Lavignino, Alice Patino, Heidi Harmon, and Bruce Gibson will one day get what they deserve. Let’s start by voting them out of office and insisting on mass deportations of the dangerous illegal alien criminals.



Every illegal represents a current or future democrat vote. That’s the bottom line. It would be nice if the next American citizen killed by an illegal was the son or daughter of a politician rather than a calpoly grad out for a walk with her dad. maybe then the perspective would change.


THANK YOU Sheriff Parkison! DO NOT understand the LOONIES running this state and why they would put INVADERS over the Citizenry of California?! Gov. Moonbean and his cronies are traitors and our Sheriff has the common sense to stand up to the craziness happening in looneyville Sacramento!


He stated that the department has always provided release dates and had never been required to withhold them. He has always upheld the law!


Some laws, those that might help his re-election, others he had turned a blind eye too. Vote wisely.