First Grover Beach marijuana store opens its doors

May 21, 2018

CORRECTION: Ed Esters is no longer involved with 805 Beach Breaks.

San Luis Obispo County’s first brick and mortar marijuana dispensary operating under California’s new pot legalization law opened its doors to customers on Saturday. [Cal Coast Times]

805 Beach Breaks, located at 1053 Highland Way, held a daylong grand opening, which included a ribbon cutting and a concert with multiple DJs. Customers lined up to make medical marijuana purchases.

The new pot store sells marijuana flowers, as well as other cannabis products, including edibles. 805 Beach Breaks currently operates strictly as a medical marijuana dispensary. However, the city of Grover Beach plans to amend its rules in order to allow pot shops to also sell to recreational marijuana customers.

Although 805 Beach Breaks is the first of Grover Beach’s pot shops to open, the business, which has a controversial co-founder, did not initially qualify as a top tier prospective marijuana store. Grover Beach city staff ranked 805 Beach breaks as a second-tier prospective pot shop, outside of the top four that were slated to receive permits to operate.

But last October, Mayor John Shoals and Councilman Jeff Lee broke from staff recommendations and selected 805 Beach Breaks as one of the four dispensaries that will open in Grover Beach.

Ed Esters, one of the co-o of 805 Beach Breaks, has a controversial past and is presently listed in California’s sex offender registry. Esters was convicted in 1997 of drugging, raping and sodomizing a female victim. He was released from prison in 2001.

During the Grover Beach dispensary application phase, Esters touted his experience in the pot industry. Esters previously founded a dispensary in San Jose.

Following the Grover Beach council vote in October, a reporter questioned Shoals as to why he voted for an applicant who is on the sex offender registry for a violent crime. The Grover Beach mayor raised his palm in the reporter’s face and walked away.

Shoals and other council members were present Saturday at the 805 Beach Breaks ribbon cutting.


Please tell me Mayor Shoals is getting his cut of the action.


Now someone needs to put a bakery and coffee shop over there. Capitalism in full effect.


They are on Highland Way. Heh… heh,heh…heh,heh.


I loved watching the open house on KSBY. Of alllll those who advocate for the sale of medical marijuana I just couldn’t find a single one who appeared to have one tiny thing wrong with them that that pot would have helped.


Where did you get your medical license to be able to get those legit assessment skills? Were you looking for a peg leg and a parrot, visible twitching? I’ll help you out— people with legitimate ailments may not want to stand out.

Marijuana, derivatives of marijuana are becoming a more viable option for people with a variety of conditions from arthritis, anxiety, pain, etc. The side effects from marijuana are FAR less serious than taking pharmaceutical drugs like Xanax, opioid medications, etc.

Personally, I’m hopeful that Grover Beach will continue to fix all the potholes, put in some sidewalks, do some good with that tax revenue.

To each their own!


Both you and I know there are benefits to pot for very ill people. The other side of that coin is what percentage really are ill? I worked with people who were prescribed pot licenses by local dope head doctors however there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. They just like to smoke dope, lets not kid ourselves.


We could all probably line up a couple of folks we know that used the medical card to just “get high” rather than it’s intended prescribed purpose, but…… WHO CARES?!!!

It ain’t killin’ no one (overdose) while the normally prescribed medications for the same “faked” ailments are killin’ folks left and right. I would wager you’d find 10 people that faked their symptoms for opioid meds’ to every 1 person that did so for pot. That 1 pot person? He or she is still alive and isn’t at any risk of dying from overdose. Can you say that with any certainty about all 10 of your opioid addicts?

Things change folks, like it or not they do change. Cannabis is here to stay, it will have all the same effects that any other product out there has when it first hits the market, some good, some not so much….


“The side effects from marijuana are FAR less serious” really?…”3 die in Northern California vehicle crash blamed on marijuana DUI”


Yes, really. Statistically, more people are driving on US roadways under the influence of prescription drugs. When an accident occurs, a drug panel is done. Oftentimes, it is discovered that pain medications, anxiety meds like Xanax are found, etc. Because I don’t expect you to believe me, here is a quote from drug, which is created by the National Institute of Health: .

“A 2010 nationwide study of deadly crashes found that about 47 percent of drivers who tested positive for drugs had used a prescription drug, compared to 37 percent of those had used marijuana and about 10 percent of those who had used cocaine. The most common prescription drugs found were pain relievers.“

Marijuana use is problematic because it stays in the body for about 30-40 days. Did a user smoke it just before driving, or did they smoke like 2 weeks ago and were completely sober?

The side effects of marijuana are increased appetite, cough if smoking. The side effects of opioids include constipation, potential for respiratory depression, potential for dependency, etc…


I have no doubt that marijuana does have some medical benefits. The problem is that there appears to a significant abuse of many getting medical marijuana with the only symptoms of having to pay a crooked doctor for a medical card. Recently a Dr. Reese was charged with doing this for many years. All of a sudden everyone is coming out of the closet with the hope of being cured by marijuana. It’s going to end up being more about the abuse than the drug.


I agree with you. Anything has the potential for abuse- alcohol, prescription medication, FOOD. I know doctors that peddle pain meds, others peddle medical exemptions so kids don’t have to get vaccinations. Others peddle medical documentation so people can get disability. That will never change.

In all reality, it doesn’t matter because marijuana will soon be available for recreational use. Yes, people will abuse it, just as people abuse the aforementioned things.

People can be stupid, and will abuse anything. It has gone on for thousands of years. Smoking opium, eating Jimsonweed, etc. We can’t ban everything…..


how many people entering liquor stores appear to be medically ill?


This bud’s for you!

Ben Daho

Follow the money.


And for Grover Beach that is into the hands of Mayor Shoals and council member Lee.