Marijuana tax nets California more than $60 million

May 11, 2018

The state of California has brought in $60.9 million in tax revenue from the cultivation and sale of cannabis during the first quarter of 2018, according to numbers released today from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. The report does not include local tax revenue collected by cities or counties. [Cal Coast Times]

In Nov. 2016, California voters approved Proposition 64, the Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Beginning on January 1, 2018, two new cannabis taxes went into effect: a cultivation tax on all harvested cannabis that enters the commercial market and a 15 percent excise tax on the purchase of cannabis and cannabis products.

In addition, cannabis and cannabis products are subject to state and local sales tax at the time of retail sale.

California’s excise tax on cannabis generated $32 million in revenue for the first quarter of calendar year 2018. The cultivation tax generated $1.6 million, and the sales tax generated $27.3 million in revenue. Medicinal cannabis is exempt from sales tax if the purchaser holds a valid medical marijuana identification card.

The Identarian

Pot heads have been played. Their THC habit is just another revenue generator for public employee pensions. Remember the days when you could purchase a ‘lid’ of Mexican weed for 20 bucks? LOL


Legalization of pot also has some unintended consequences. Colorado is experiencing increased pot related traffic deaths, an increase in poison control calls from kids eating baked goods, and increase in er visits. The black market has also grown, not decreased as cheaper nonregulated products are sought after. For what? An increase in taxes of less than one half of 1%.


In the past traffic deaths victims were very seldom, if ever, tested for THC, now it’s a common practice. Also, THC’s life span in the body can be months, as it’s fat soluble and slowly releases over a period of time into one’s body, which in turn means a person who smoked pot two or three months ago could test positive for THC today. So, until there is a state or national standard that sets the level of THC in the body that would show the current or immediate level of THC in the body is causing impairment to the point of being dangerous, your data is flawed.

Turn on the History Channel some time, or the Discovery Channel, and you’ll see programming that shows illegal distillers (moonshiners) continuing their “time honored trade” even though alcohol is legal. Any time a new profitable market opens up with any product you’ll find those who are trying to skirt the law to get an edge, pot’s not any different.

Any of those kids calling poison control die? Over 4,000 kids died last year from alcohol poisoning, I wonder if calling poison control would have helped them? I think it’s a great thing that they make that call in the first place; shows me some of the stigma is actually fading and kids aren’t afraid to make that call in the first place without being tagged as a “druggie”.


Yeah, big deal, so how is the state going to piss this away, I’m sure it won’t be for our highways, or schools,or dam repairs, big bet they’ll manage to steal it for the stupid bullet train or water tunnels, or give themselves raises.

How does the taxpayer keep an eye on this,even the dopers should be mad about this its their money that they are giving to these crooks.


Why would any non-consumer of this “weed” find anything to bitch about this, is beyond me…

If you aren’t a consumer you don’t pay the taxes, but, you sure as hell want to benefit from them, huh? Bitch, bitch, bitch…

Everyone! Roll up a phat one and experience the clearer picture that the over-all calming effect this gift from nature gives anyone who partakes in it; only then can you speak with any real authority on the pluses and minuses of cannabis, and or how the taxes made from its sale are utilized.

I would recommend some good Sativa to start with, as it tends to provide more invigorating, uplifting brain effects, while pairing well with physical activities, social functions, and creative chit.

If nothing else it beats the hell out of the side effects of a six pack and is cheaper…


The problem is knowing our state they budgeted and already spent 120 million or more and now will cry they need to raise fees and taxes.

Jorge Estrada

At least California has a profitable excuse for being the capital for short term thinkers. Sure some may claim forward thinkers, ya right, cough cough.


Another “short term thinker” is jumpin’ on the cannabis wagon Jorge… Jim Beam! Yea, that Jim Beam! Ben Kovler, the 39 year old heir to Jim Beam, is investing heavily into cannabis with a Canadian company called Green Thumb Industries (GTI) which has plans on going public next month. Mr. Kovler sees it as the end to what he terms as the “2nd Prohibition” and foresees huge profits.

It’s an investment opportunity Jorge!

Cough-cough! Puff-puff!

One that is projected to have sales in the range of $75 billion by 2030!Cough-cough!

I see it as a way to watch your money go up in smoke on the front end with the profits on the back end being nothing to cough at…


All this free money makes politicians salivate. Oh my word what shall we do with it they say and one of our brilliant politicians jumps up and says” spend it spend it” and ask for more.


Great! So with all of this new revenue, the state will be lowering our taxes!!!(?)