Paso Robles Council will not challenge sanctuary state law

May 3, 2018

Following spirited debate between community members over California’s sanctuary state law, the Paso Robles City Council decided Tuesday not to take a formal position supporting or opposing the controversial statute, despite offering some criticism of its immigration-friendly rules. [Cal Coast Times]

Senate Bill 54, which took effect on Jan. 1, prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities and inquiring about an individual’s immigration status. The Trump Administration is suing California over the law, and its lawsuit has generated a groundswell of support for anti-SB 54 efforts in Orange County, where several jurisdictions have taken formal stances against the law.

At an April 17 meeting, public commenters encouraged the Paso Robles council to take a stand against SB 54. The council continued the item until Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the council listened to at least a few hours of public comment in which speakers split for and against the sanctuary state law. City staff cautioned against joining the Trump Administration lawsuit or formally opposing SB 54.

After public comment, council members suggested SB 54 is flawed but said it is not the role of the city to fix it. The council voted 5-0 not to take a formal position on SB 54, opting instead to send a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown and state representatives raising issues with the law that could be fixed.


Cities do not process asylum requests. The Federal government does. So no need to worry.

Paso will hold an immigrant if there is a court ordered warrant to retain an individual. They will not hold someone past their sentence for an ADMINISTRATION warrant, which is not authorized by a judge but a Federal agrncy.

For those of you who do not like the agency overreach of the EPA, you should be just as concerned about the overreach by Homeland Security or any other Federal agency. Due process is right, and adiminstration warrants do not afford an individual of due process.

Consistency from the conservative aisle would be nice th9ng to see . You are either for states rights or you are not.

Our cities do not release violent criminals to the streets. Saying we do impunes our law enforement officers.

George Bailey


We should all support the important work of ICE: Operation Safe Communities, and insist that our local and state governments stop catering to these lawbreakers. Polls show that when taxpayers are informed that millions of legal citizens’ tax dollars are spent on providing services to illegal aliens, they want these illegals taken into custody and deported.

Remember, illegal is a crime, not a race, so do not let the race peddlers dissuade you from publicly calling out this e elected officials who act corruptly and spend our money on these lawbreakers. Paso Robles Mayor Steven Martin should be ashamed of himself, and his city council betrayed the taxpayers when they retreated on entering the anti-sanctuary state litigation.

Paso Robles is in decline.


Recall Paso Robles Mayor Steven Martin


Wouldn’t want those wineries to have a shortage of farmhands, now would we?


Ha, ha,ha,ha…ooooh the right-wing nuts, the true “snowflakes” are gonna flip, they’re gonna melt…

Jorge Estrada

This is the same Paso Robles that has no problem spending their rate payers money to entertain in opposition to a local legal action. An action that only formalizes what is already a State Constitutional Right for property owners to make reasonable beneficial use of the water beneath their land. Obviously Paso Robles has no problem wasting rate-payer monies yet trembles at challenging the State in support of our Federal Government. Ask for Sissy Blanco, when wine tasting in Paso.


Those municipalities that stand up to sanctuary laws will spark fear in their local illegal immigrant population (and those considering coming there) which will decrease there.

They will be diverted in greater numbers to the remaining sanctuary cities like Paso Robles, who will see numbers of asylum seekers and people who need to evade the authorities.