Paso Robles police officer accused of on-duty rape

June 19, 2018

Sgt. Christopher McGuire

A Paso Robles police sergeant is on paid administrative leave as the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department investigates allegations of rape. The officer allegedly assaulted several women while on the job.

After one Paso Robles woman called 911 to report she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Sgt. Christopher McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap before taking her into her garage and allegedly raping her.

Interim Chief Ty Lewis confirmed Sgt. Christopher McGuire has been on paid administrative leave since May 9. Lewis said that because of the Police Officers’ Bill of Rights, he is not permitted to provide details of the allegations.

“After we became aware of serious allegations we reached out to the sheriff’s department and the DA’s office,” Lewis said. “While Chris has been on paid leave, we are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.”

In late 2012, Paso Robles announced it had hired McGuire. McGuire started his career in 2003 with the Farmersville Police Department and had worked for the Porterville Police Department since 2007.

In 2009, McGuire shot and killed a man outside of a gym in Tulare. McGuire said the man had been tampering with cars in the parking lot, he mistook a cologne bottle for a gun and shot the man as he fled. The family of the victim did not agree with McGuire’s narrative.

For more than a year, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. Cal Coast Times will be providing information on several allegations in follow-up articles.

If you have information regarding McGuire, please call Karen Velie at 805-234-1703. Your identity can be confidential.

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Just caught this… “Police Officers’ Bill of Rights” What the frick! Does this bill of rights supersede the U.S. Bill of Rights? Does this bill of rights dictate that an arrestable offense for any regular citizen, one that usually calls for very high bail if not an arbitrary no-bail remand to custody, isn’t applicable because it may violate the “Police Officers’ Bill of Rights”? No, these LEA’s and LEO’s aren’t in the protected class, they’re part of the immune to the law class!

I just met a man, Jason Cox, who in 2011 was beaten severely by Portland P.D. If you could call anything about that beating “fortunate” it was the fact that the business they were outside of had a camera that caught the whole thing. If not, not only would those LEO’s not be held accountable but Jason would have gone to jail for life for two counts of attempted murder of an LEO and another count of assault on a peace officer. It cost him his career (20 year iron worker), left him disabled, altered his appearance and has fricked him up mentally real good!

After suing them successfully and when walking from the courtroom after the judgement the biggest of those LEO’s (6’6″ and 265lbs), the one that did the most physical damage to Jason, walked over to him with a big chit-eatin’ grin on his face and told him, and I’ll try and quote what Jason said to me as correctly as I can, “Who gives a fuck! It ain’t my money you’re gettin’ and I ain’t losin’ my job and it won’t change how I do things.”! The four LEO’s were never prosecuted, never lost a day of pay, and are still to this day LEO’s.

This type of misconduct is rampant within the ranks of LE. I have a solution though… Whenever an LEO gets convicted of a non-lethal crime part of his or her punishment should be public flogging, one lash for every count he or she is convicted of, the other part should be a public tar and feathering and then made to walk the main thoroughfare through his or her town where it’s citizenry is allowed to taunt him or her. Then off to prison to serve the maximum sentence with enhancements with no protective custody afforded. There should also be a “Convicted Cop” list like they have on sex offenders, telling what ever community he or she resides in there’s a convicted bad cop in town. And if you believe in the death penalty, if it’s part of the law in the state where a LEO is convicted of a capitol murder, it should be very public with every LEO of that particular state mandated to watch it from somewhere. If you can’t deter these POS’s with the normal citizenry laws then the extreme is called for because their level of violating the public trust is extreme.

Protect and serve my a$$…

Here’s the video of the beating…

Dude Tie it in a Knot , You don’t think Bubba Wants your Hide Crack Head ..

Give me a break. RAIIN suggests only 6 out of a 1000 rape cases result in prison terms. Heck in 2016 out of the 36 rapes cases in SLO the DA only filed charges on (3) of them. Yet this officer is being protected and should be in jail and out of a job immediately without an investigation first? I’d love to hear the evidence from you experts.

Let the horrible legal process continue so my taxes won’t be spent on some stupid wrongful termination suit.

Bullies with Badges program continues unabated.

Arrested? Lmao seriously?! They don’t arrest cops , they just give them a vacation with pay!

BUT if it was your average Joe, they would be in a orange jumpsuit wearing shackles in court with a $1,000,000 bail.

Funny how nobody cares

Come on Burton, Lewis, with his history in Tulare County, you couldn’t find a better hire?

LEO bill of rights bah hum bug. If Leo is caught duo all quiet on the news if anyone else is caught different story.

And why has he not been arrested?

Easy, because he is a member of the protected class.

Should we use the same fear mongering used with immigrants? Makes more sense to be afraid of a bunch of folks who can detain you, carry guns, have access to all of your personal information, and all under the color of authority, then with those that aren’t even hear yet let alone with those type of power and resoureces, right? Get this too; in 35 states (not including Cali’) law enforcement officers can evade sexual assault charges by claiming that such an encounter was consensual, even if the person was arrested and in custody.

If you really want to be afraid of a certain segment of our population, ones you are far, far, far more likely to interact with in a disadvantaged position read this….

We know you’re an outsider when you use the term “Cali” for California. I’d rather take my chances with law enforcement in the U.S., than drug cartels in Mexico and Central America. You don’t see people fleeing from the U.S.and crossing the border illegally to Mexico because of law enforcement officers, do you?

Outsider? Not so much Citizen… Bred, born and raised in Cali’, you?

I use that abbreviation not out of disrespect but for convenience sake only, got that?! “SoCal” tattooed all over me, “Orange County” emblazoned on my stomach, and I’m the outsider? Get a frickin’ clue. I was born in Atascadero in 1956, so my ties with Cali’ and SLO goes back 62 years, you? I got more blood, sweat and tears invested in Cali’ then ten of your type.

Your “whataboutery” is so apropos to the typical Regressive Right, ignoring the fact that this so called peace officer, and there are many, many, many, many more just like him, is acting exactly like those other so called peace officers you are referring to. At least in those places there is absolutely no doubt about what you’re in for when interacting with police, here? It’s a crap shoot at best!

No wonder cops like this have been empowered by folks like you to do exactly what this idiot is accused of doing; you’re too busy downplaying it by comparing it to a third world country that isn’t comparable to actually take notice that in this country you’re probably just as apt to run into one these types then the immigrants you demonize as a whole.

One more thing before I get on the bus to Mexicali; I’m an American Citizen, bred, born and raised here and I’m no outsider to any part of this country, got that slick?!!

By-the-way? Thanks for explaining, and justifying, exactly why a great deal of these people are fleeing where they’re from. Combine the cartels and gangs with the corrupt justice systems and LEA’s in these countries it’s a wonder there isn’t 100’s of thousands of these people massed along or border. And now that we are taking kids from their mothers, and in a ton of cases losing those kids and deporting their mothers without them, aren’t we becoming just as bad as any of these countries? Sure we are, and maybe that’s just the way the Regressive Right wants things. This bullchit is the act of an authoritarian government, just the type of government that this POS LEO would relish and thrive in. Predator with a badge, how frickin’ scary is that?

There are times I wished I was back behind the wall, especially now considering that I might get the opportunity to lose some good time/work time by showing this POS a very warm welcome to the world he’s deathly afraid of…


Hmm and what is the cause of the drug cartels? Oh yeah, prohibition. Also these cops are ROBBING us BLIND, sucking down anywhere from $120k to $200k a year for a job that has an actual lower occupational fatality rate than a gardener.

Here’s what just mystifies me mkaney; why don’t our troops deployed in places that are actually dangerous and life threatening at every moment of the 24/7/365 their deployed there get this type of pay?