Recall of senator hurts California Democrats chances for a supermajority

June 7, 2018

Orange County Republicans succeeded in ousting a Democratic state Senator Tuesday in a recall campaign over the lawmaker’s vote for the California gas tax hike. The successful recall and election of a Republican replacement has cost the Democratic Party a chance at reclaiming its supermajority in the California Legislature. [Cal Coast Times]

In state Senate District 29, which is largely comprised of Orange County residents, voters recalled Sen. Josh Newman by a vote of 59.5 percent to 40.5 percent. Voters simultaneously elected former assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang, a Republican, to replace Newman.

Chang received 34.2 percent of the vote, easily winning a six-way race. A Democratic candidate narrowly beat out another Republican for second place in the recall election, receiving 20.1 percent of the vote.

Voters turned on Newman after he voted in favor of the gas tax increase that took effect late last year. The controversial tax increase raised the base tax on gasoline 12 cents from 18 cents per gallon to 30 cents per gallon.

A large scale effort to repeal the tax through a ballot measure is ongoing, though it is unclear if and when the initiative will appear on the state ballot. Nonetheless, the gas tax hike may become a major issue in this year’s governor’s race.

Earlier this year, California Democrats lost their supermajority in the Legislature when Sen. Tony Mendoza resigned after investigators found that he likely engaged in sexual misconduct. Democrats had the opportunity to reclaim the supermajority in an upcoming special election.

However, Tuesday’s recall election eliminated that opportunity. Now, the Democratic Party must make a gain in the general election to reclaim its supermajority in Sacramento.


You mean the roads not fixed for years because the tax money was taken and out into the general fund? Take a close look the “new tax” is being spent mostly on bike paths, and seldom used public transit. The roads won’t be getting any better.

Ben Daho

Enjoy those Free roads you bitch about when they aren’t repaired.

The Identarian

Is California getting less stupid? We can only hope. I am not cautiously optimistic


the gas tax will pale in comparison to “Newsom has proposed guaranteed universal healthcare, increased state money for housing and a “cradle-to-college” array of government services for the state’s youth.” in other news, another story today of people leaving the state due to the high cost.


Well it’s about time we got rid of these people who don’t give a d!!!!! about the people. Now we just have to keep doing it until the non caring money hungry politicians are gone and Ca. gets it’s sanity back.