Supervisor Lynn Compton beating Jimmy Paulding by 81 votes

June 11, 2018

Supervisor Lynn Compton

With 17,715 votes cast, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton is beating Jimmy Paulding by 81 votes, according to unofficial results posted by San Luis Obispo County elections officials on Monday. [Cal Coast Times]

While Compton led early on election night, Paulding shot ahead only to end the evening 83 votes behind. On Friday, Paulding closed the gap to 31 votes.

While it appears Compton will likely win the seat, there are still 424 provisional ballots, 190 ballots with late registrations and several hundred ballots with voter errors that may be included in the final tally.

For the past three years, Republican supervisors Compton, John Peschong and Debbie Arnold have held a board majority and also the coveted board chair position. Democratic supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson promoted Paulding’s election bid in an attempt to take back the board majority.


Off topic but, how can they count thousands of ballots in a week and then (KSBY) report that it may take weeks to count those few hundred remaining ballots (provisional, error’s, etc.)?


Votes counted by machine vs those counted by hand.


The demographics of the 4th district and the vote have been adversely impacted by the large impact of the Trilogy development. Most Trilogy voting residents voted for Paulding on the single issue of air quality.


Interesting, Antelope, thanks. I could not figure out how Pauling did so well.

Mitch C

I couldn’t agree more. Now it is the task of all clear thinking voters in District 3 to find and actively support a qualified candidate that will compliment the Board conservative majority. Mr. Hill has shown that he has neither the demeanor or agenda to continue to represent the citizens of District 3. Additionally, electing a qualified conservative will negate the progressive agenda of Mr. Gibson (it appears that District 3 voters will have to do what District 2 voters failed to do).


Think Hill won in Grover and Pismo due to MJ industry and Pismo Preserve. Would elect a responsible spender/effective business type, with Diablo closing, and would definitely toss the national partisan/ideological labels. By labeling you lose half the people.


The big question is HOW and WHY a ridiculously inexperienced, “Pee Wee Herman-esque” type candidate with a boat load of bizarre and alarming policy positions in a conservative-leaning district get this close? Should she prevail, Supervisor Compton needs to re-examine her District and ALL need to study the mean tactics of the new political “progressives”.

George Bailey


Aye-Caramba is exactly right!

As Lynn Compton wraps this thing up, all should contemplate on how we will politically expose the goofy far left progressives, lest they grab onto political power and ruin our beloved Central Coast.

The agenda of the far left liberals is to use government as a club against the private sector, limit freedom and impose new taxes and fees on our daily lives. They attempt to socially engineer outcomes based on their ‘flavor-of-the-day’, and their wrongheaded mindset is a threat to our freedoms.

Jimmy Paulding should never have gotten this close, and the Republican establishment needs to do voter registration and party-building if it wants to stay relevant.



Examples of: far left agenda, gov’t’s club, new taxes, new fees, social engineering? You need to give examples rather than oratory to a couple of “believers”. I really don’t know what you are talking about.


AMEN, brother!


This article is incorrect in that it states they have had the board majority for three years. John Peschong won his seat 2 years ago. Frank Meacham in the end of his term was a swing vote between left and right. Hopeful Lynn holds this seat as our

Dist. 2 couldn’t see the opportunity to move on past Gibson.

George Bailey


We cannot afford to have liberals like Jimmy Paulding and Adam Hill running our local government, so I a glad Lynn Compton will win this seat.

Jimmy Paulding is a tax hiker, and he believes in big government and limited freedom.


Mitch C

Jimmy, don’t go away mad: just go away!