Supervisor Lynn Compton wins reelection, unofficial

June 15, 2018

Supervisor Lynn Compton

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton is leading Jimmy Paulding by 62 votes, according to unofficial results posted by San Luis Obispo County elections officials on Friday. With 129 ballots out, many of which may not be counted in the end, Compton has likely won reelection. [Cal Coast Times]

On Friday evening, the San Luis Obispo County Clerk Recorder’s Office’s most recent figures have Compton’s lead over Jimmy Paulding at 50.17 percent of 18,288 votes counted. That’s a margin of 62 votes.

While it appears Compton will likely win the seat, there are still 64 provisional ballots, 49 vote by mail ballots with signature issues and 18 conditional voter registration ballots that could be included in the final tally. Statewide, about 15 percent of provisional ballots are unable to be certified, meaning the bulk of the remaining 64 provisional ballots will not be counted.

In addition, most of the remaining 49 mail in ballots have signature errors. County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong believes he can continue accepting signature corrections until he has officially called the election. Meanwhile, lawyers for Compton filed a lawsuit asking the court to compel Gong to abide by his earlier June 13 deadline for accepting corrected vote by mail ballots.

Judge Barry LaBarbera is scheduled to listen to arguments for and against the time extension at 8:30 a.m. on Monday at the SLO County Courthouse.

For the past year and a half, Republican supervisors Compton, John Peschong and Debbie Arnold have held a board majority and also the coveted board chair position. Democratic supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson promoted Paulding’s election bid in an attempt to take back the board majority.


Congratulations Supervisor Lynn Compton….



The should be a hand verified recount of every vote at this point for so close an election!

I find the superior court involvement at this point disgusting, for they are backlogged dealing with criminals!

It proves Compton is a narcissist, caring more about herself than prosecuting felons and keeping them off our streets!


You are lost in a haze. You are giving Tommy a black eye. That is a mistake. Each time the vote count has been challenged it ends up being the same.


There should be a hand verified recount of all the votes, every single last one, for so close of an election!

I find it disgusting that our overloaded court system is even involved at this point and proves Compton is a total narcissist who cares more about herself than getting criminals off our streets!

George Bailey


This vote-counting controversy has shown Jimmy Paulding to be a corrupt ‘progressive’ politician, and taxpayers can rejoice that he lost this election. Working families in the 4th district deserve to have a local government that works for them, not for the progressive elites who favor using government as a club against the private sector. We deserve better than liberalism.

This election also shows that SLO County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Wong is unfit to run our local elections, and his obvious bias in favor of the liberal Paulding was shameful.

Congratulations to Supervisor Lynn Compton!


My understanding is the law allows eight days to resolve questionable ballots. Gong is claiming that is only for unsigned ballots. If the signature can’t be verified, he reasons, the eight days are meaningless. He is putting verification at any time, however long that takes, ahead of the clear intent of the law, which is to set a reasonable time limit to resolve irregularities. Under Gong’s reasoning, it could conceivably NEVER be resolved: the election would not be called until every signature was verified or until there was a clear winner, ahead of the other party receiving 100% of the questionable ballots. There has to be a time limit. The limit has passed. Case closed.



Looks like the Holland Family is batting 0-3… Parkinson, Dow and now, likely Compton. Glad to see that one vindictive person did not win any of the three targeted elections in spite of dumping $thousands$. People of SLO County were smarter than this but now we have to get back to really solving the issues comforting our communities. First, we must find out why we are having these major issues in our society. Is it drugs, parenting, foods, movies and games or something else. Next, how do we fix the issues plaguing our once peaceful community, All this homelessness, crimes, drugs, jails full, mental health, etc. Something or many things are wrong with Society and we need to define it and fix. This is just insane what is happening all around us everyday and anywhere, parks, parking lots, gas stations, walking down a street, and the worst, our homes and property! Come on people, wake up!


I dislike the use of lawyers to force any election, but in this case, I agree, the deadline has been established and has passed. Supervisor Compton has won re-election.


Aye-caramba, whether we like or dislike “the use of lawyers” — Tommy has now forced the need for a judge to listen to arguments for / against his seemingly self-prescribed time extension. This shouldn’t and wouldn’t have been necessary if Tommy had simply and rightly stopped counting ballots at 5pm on June 13, 2018. Seemed to pose no problem for Jimmy and his gang. On the other hand, Lynn’s alarm was triggered by the counting going on and on with no time restraints being enforced per existing law. Drivers run through stop signs, too, if they think they won’t get caught!


They need to keep counting. She is a corrupt trump wannabe. She won’t listen to facts, doesn’t believe in scientific evidence. A real vial human that could care less about the people she represents, she only represents her self interests


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