Petition to recall San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson fails

May 2, 2024

Woman serving SLO County Supervisor Bruce Gibson recall petition


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson won reelection against a relatively unknown opponent by only 13 votes — prompting a recall by a citizens group.

The county approved the recall petition on Jan. 2. The Committee to Support the Recall of Supervisor Bruce Gibson had 120 days to collect signatures. If successful, the recall for District 2 supervisor would have been put on a special ballot later this year.

Following his attempted recall, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that changed the way elected officials in California can be recalled, including increasing the number of signatures needed for Gibson’s recall petition to 20%.

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Why was Morro Bay NOT allowed to vote for Supervisor in this last election?

I’m a Republican and no fan of Gibson but these efforts to undue elections has to stop. We need to nominate better candidates and organize better during the campaigns. Save recall efforts for what they were intended. They weren’t intended to remove folks because we don’t like the results.

Maybe if it didn’t take 2-3 weeks to count the votes we’d feel better about the results. My 4 year old can count faster.

So you’d feel better about the results if thinks were rushed and we didn’t take the time to double check and validate things? Got it…

Bruce Gibson has the toolbox needed to do the job but what most people do not understand is that he is using his tools to dismantle the public’s will, creating a subservient public for the benefit of government. Example: Underfunded pension, no problem, gov will just vote in a new tax, increase an existing tax or easier yet is to defer the benefit of government, as in infrastructure maintenance. When I say Gov, I can’t overlook the power of their votes, as in the empty highway on a national holiday, the same day we subordinates drive to work.

Jeez, I don’t get it? How did this Bruce Gibson Recall effort possibly fail?? (Sarcasm). I’m no Karl Rove or James Carville expert, but may I suggest running reasonable, smart, middle of the road electable candidates? IMO the loud FAR right wingnuts make all the noise and pull the stunts, but don’t represent the average conservative citizen.

Karl Rove would agree with you 100%. You have to win elections to govern.

Ludicrous, these folk lost the election because they’re out of touch, only digging deeper hole.

Out of touch by 13 votes? Lol.

Such a dispicable person. Second most corrupt politician in SLO Co history. The only reason #2 is that the most corrupt died.

Doesn’t change the fact that Gibson is corrupt and cares not about the people of this county.

Pathetic effort from that committee. And if they think they’ll beat Gibson in 2026 with MAGA standard-bearers like Whitlock or the carpetbagger doctor from Missouri, they are mistaken. It will take a moderate such as the lawn mower guy from Atascadero or some other common sense Republican (which is hard to find these days) to unseat Bribery Bruce.

In other words, had the narcissistic leftist in Sacramento not moved the goalposts to favor himself, Gibson would have easily been removed.

The shoe can easily be on the other foot someday.

It should take a lot to remove duly elected people from office. Look at the idiocy of Washington right now, with one person able to call for the speakers removal. What a waste of time and resources.

Actually he would have faced a costly recall vote because a minority of the voters cannot handle they’ve lost an election.

You assume he would be voted out.

I don’t have a problem with a higher threshold for a recall election. They waste money no matter the that is side promoting them.