Cal Poly student loses scholarship over slur at immigration protest

July 18, 2018

Bronson Harmon

An incoming freshman on Cal Poly’s wrestling team lost his scholarship after he was filmed screaming an anti-gay slur during a feud between opposing sides at a protest over immigration policy. [Cal Coast Times]

During the June 30 incident, Bronson Harmon screamed “Fuck you, faggot,” at a demonstrator or demonstrators at the “Families Belong Together March” in Modesto. Harmon was part of a group of counter-protesters, which included his father and a friend.

Harmon’s group was carrying Trump campaign signs, the video footage shows. Harmon’s father can be heard in the video saying, “Send their asses back.”

A Facebook user named Abdul Lasaing posted the video online about two weeks ago. Shortly following the publication of the video, Cal Poly Athletic Director Don Oberhelman made the decision to revoke Harmon’s scholarship.

Harmon is a recent graduate of Oakdale High School in Oakdale, located northwest of Modesto. He was a CIF state medalist as a high school wrestler.

In an interview with the Tribune, Harmon said that what he said was definitely not the right thing and that he should have been helping the community and representing his college to the best of his ability. However, Harmon said he still feels like his freedom of speech was taken away, and he does not think his scholarship should have been revoked.

Harmon said he got caught up in the heat of the moment. He said he was there to peacefully protest, and people were harassing him and his fellow counter-protesters, spitting on them and calling them Nazis.

Following the slur, Harmon was allegedly involved in a separate incident that ended with his group shoving a protester and a complaint being filed with the Modesto Police Department.

Despite losing his scholarship, Harmon said he still plans to attend Cal Poly in the fall. Rather than wrestling for the university’s team, Harmon now plans to focus on becoming a mixed martial arts fighter.


The persimmon pinhead’s political career took off when he jumped on the 100% racist bandwagon of the Birth Ceftificate swill that the Reich wing maggots came up with.

If you support Rump and voted for him, that makes you a supporter of a racist, misogynist filthy piece of crap. That kind of mentality tends to produce heinous behavior in public.

The photo of the Rump sign makes clear where the misguided young man has gone wrong.

Jorge Estrada

Proof that Athletics or Academics is not as important as Yes Teacher for acceptance. Although I disagree with his demonstration behavior, I question if his personal life or diversity in beliefs has been unlawfully attached and damaged?


Calling a person a derogatory slur directly to their face is a personal attack.

Saying F Trump is political opinion directed at the persimmon pinhead. It is not a personal attack.

One would think any adult, and that young man who was preparing to go to college, would know the difference.

Freedom of speech means that the government can’t arrest you for what you say. It does NOT mean the rest of society has to put up with your BS. Words matter. If you can’t stand behind your words and take the results of what you have been recorded saying, you may learn a harsh lesson about personal responsibility.

An athletic scholarship is a privilege, not a right. When gifted with this kind of privilege, you should behave yourself in public. If you don’t, suck it up and take responsibility for your actions and learn from them.


I totally agree with your assessment, 1smart.

he should not face legal action for his exercising Freedom of Speech, but may very well bear “other” consequences based on Freedom of Association.

I only wish your very correct and logical standard was applied equally, in all circumstances.

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to speech.


1. Show up at a counter-protest. Rile them up and try to get a reaction (see: “bird-dogging”). The angrier the better

2. Take video of people at a Trump rally. Identify whoever you can. Social media activists can help (see: #YesYoureRacist)

3. Contact the workplaces, communities, and schools of anyone and try to get them fired, dis-enrolled, shunned, etc. (See: Bronson Harmon)


I don’t think free speech and the revocation of the scholarship is an issue. There are character issues involved with keeping a scholarship. If his admission to the university had been revoked, then that may be a different story.

Protestors awaiting when he moves in to his dorm room? Likely.


My understanding is that spitting on someone is assault and battery. He should press charges.


Why is the biggest photo pf the Donald Trump sign? He didn’t lose his scholarship over the sign, he lost it over the slur.


It was all fun and games till Abdul got the video, huh? While I don’t totally agree with stripping him of a free education I don’t see Cal Poly wrestling benefiting much from his presence.

A few wake up call beatings in the octagon will bring him back to the reality that he ain’t all that!

Rich in MB

Can you loose your Scholarship by saying F Trump?

Why is it that the left so easily falls down the totalitarian path of through and speech police?


Its all about acceptance cant you see?


Because you can claim you are feel “threatened” or “unsafe” by someones presence or speech. That’s all it takes

Since universities are entrusted with young vulnerable women who are on their own for the first time (and get huge amounts of money for it) they are very extremely sensitive to this stuff. When a young college woman speaks out, they listen.

Without any action, they will be seen as ignoring the issue and staff will soon face protesters of their own.


Why is it that so many people do not understand that Freedom of Speech does not come without Freedom of Consequence. Sure, you may say anything want including hate speech and I am pretty sure there are no US laws against it. However, how education, industry, society react to a particular form of speech is up to them.