Poor planning is destroying SLO

July 28, 2018

Opinion by Ben DiFatta

I was driving through San Luis Obispo at about 2 p.m.on a Thursday on my way to a doctor’s visit when I hit just about every red light making me almost late for my appointment.

I can imagine that these many streets were designed during horse and buggy days.

With all these high rise building’s being built what will be happening is the furthering of more over-crowded streets by auto’s and people who are passing through, have office’s there, who work there, and who will be living there. And don’t forget the tourist ands Cal Poly student’s, etc.

I know for a fact that all the parking structures are full by 8 am by those who work in SLO or those who are going to court, and those who are going to the SLO County Supervisor’s meetings on Tuesdays mornings.

I ask that everyone talk to the mayor and SLO City Council members, and maybe the planning department and tell them to start using some common sense and stop this flooding of more high-rise buildings that is plugging our streets.

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I guess the progressives had to destroy downtown SLO in order to save it. After all, that strategy worked well in Vietnam – didn’t it?

These projects are thought out well in advance, with considerable input.

To have a council vote against, including the planning commission is only one piece of the pie.

The height issue is easily worked around by claiming ‘mixed use’ ‘low income’ etc etc, and the developers will often profit more with the exemption status.

With our boom & bust economy, I fully believe that a slew of these types will go up before there is a chance to prevent them. Again, developers know & understand this.

I’m not catching your satire here. Please elaborate.

I think the SLO County road situation is a danger to the public. I think all building should stop until a plan to expand roads and repair existing roadways is in place. 

Think about the recent fires. If we needed to evacuate our communities on to the 101, it would be a disaster. We already have traffic jams as it is.  Now a building proposal is in place for 900 more homes in Avila. That’s a lot more cars coming in to the area. I think a lawsuit needs to happen to stop this kind of irresponsible behavior. 

It’s up to everyone to pay attention to what is happening and VOTE them out. I’m not talking to those who are reading this; I’m suggesting that all of us talk about it amongst our friends, neighbors, co-workers and be vocal about VOTING in November.  COMPLACENCY will guarantee that these council members destroy SLO.

The street signals have been programmed so you are stopped at every intersection. Grover does the same. The intent is for you to be stopped allowing you time to look around and see a business that interest you and therefore will spend money there. Kinda hypocritical coming from a city who claims to be environmentally conscientious when its a fact stop and go in a vehicle burns more fuel and makes more smog. Ah but we all know the only real interest for SLO is whats in your wallet.

If folks lived in the same downtown that they worked in, would they be driving to work at all?

Best way to talk to talk to them is to vote them out. This city council is only doubling down on the past councils disissisons.

The city concil thinks you should be riding a bike! That’s their solution to the traffic problems they are causing with the uncontrolled development. They don’t care about your parking problem. They’ve shown they won’t listen to the citizen’s worries or complaints. They are controlled by others. Kick them all out of office!

Property Taxes….

Permit Fees…..

SLO is being sold down the River by the Beurocrats in their never ending quest for more money. The current residents don’t matter…the pensions and pay perks of the Beurocrats is all important and that takes MONEY.