SLO County deputy will likely avoid jail time for DUI

July 12, 2018

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy pleaded no contest Wednesday to DUI for driving above the legal limit at the Oceano Dunes. The deputy, who was not booked in jail after his arrest, is now facing a sentence of one day behind bars, which he could avoid serving by choosing community service instead. [Cal Coast Times]

Shortly before midnight on March 10, Rainer Lee Bodine, 32, was driving northbound near the shoreline toward Pier Avenue with three passengers when he was pulled over for driving 38 mph in a 15 mph zone. Bodine admitted to drinking about five beers in two and a half hours.

Inside a side door compartment of Bodine’s vehicle, a park ranger found the deputy’s service revolver. On the floorboard of the back seat, the ranger found several empty beer bottles.

A blood test showed Bodine had a blood alcohol level of .12. The legal limit to drive is .08.

Following his arrest, Bodine was released to a family member. He was not booked into jail, nor was his mugshot taken.

On Wednesday, Bodine pleaded no contest to a single misdemeanor DUI charge.

Bodine’s sentence includes two days in jail with credit for one day served. The deputy can apply, though, for a work release program to avoid serving the day in jail.

Additionally, Bodine must serve three years of probation, during which he is prohibited from driving with any alcohol in his system and required to submit to chemical testing upon an officer’s demand and complete a first-offense alcohol education program. Bodine must also pay a $2,415 fine.

Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla is not commenting on Bodine’s employment status.


I’m not reading that his CDL was suspended. It’s mandatory for us citizens, right? Even if convicted for a first offense calls for a CDL suspension lasting no less than 4 months. Why not this cop? I know it’s mandatory for LEO’s to carry their service weapons while off duty, shouldn’t there be an enhancement when it’s carried by a drunk officer while off duty and then arrested for a crime? No consideration that he had three other persons on board with him? Seems not as he got the minimum for everything… You or me, without the gun and with the people on board, we would have gotten reamed.


That was my question sort of and it’s the same for the guy they caught on Los Osos Valley Road awhile back…..since they were turned over to “responsible party’s” who in the heck got the guns? Well, I’m assuming said drunk cops went home with their guns and that’s frustrating. I’d be jailed for the same offense.


The license suspension is a function of the DMV for a first time DUI.

There is no law in CA that off-duty law enforcement must carry a weapon. Some law enforcement agencies may have such a requirement.

The weapon in the car was not used in a criminal act, so there is no sentencing enhancement.

Jorge Estrada

Obviously nobody gets a break anymore even if at the expense of saving face for law enforcement humans. Most of us have had our moments, just very lucky. I once got a reckless driving ticket down there on a dirt bike for popping a wheelie on an empty beach several decades ago. Thankfully I was able to launder that through a traffic school episode. Times sure have changed maybe he should have been at the Drag show or the whatever march in SLO, that seems to be the new safe pastime unless you get run over crossing the street.