Citizens seek action from the IWMA board, video

August 12, 2018

Before the San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority Board voted unanimously on Wednesday to place the agency’s manager on paid administrative leave because of criminal allegations of misuse of public funds,members of the public asked them to take action. [Cal Coast Times]

Arroyo Grande Mayor Jim Hill informed the board that he was speaking as an individual and not as mayor or a member of the sanitation board.

Video by Joey Blackburn.

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Mayor Hill’s complete transcript:

On Wednesday, August 8th, I felt compelled to speak as a concerned citizen — not as your Mayor or as a member of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District — before the Integrated Waste Management Authority Board of Directors before their closed session where they discussed the performance of their manager (Gov’t Code Section 54957(b)(1)).

Again, just to be clear, I was representing myself and NOT the city or the sanitation district.

This is what I said:

“Thank you Mr. Chair and good evening board members — good afternoon. I am the Mayor of Arroyo Grande and a member of the board of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District but I’m appearing here today as a concerned citizen.

First of all I want to note that I’ve followed some of the issues that have been reported about the IWMA. I want to commend Arroyo Grande council-member and your board member, Tim Brown, for following these issues and for also requesting this meeting today.

I’d like to commend the investigative reporters at CalCoastNews for following up not only here but at organizations, such as the sanitation district; quite frankly they’ve had serious challenges resulting in bringing in Mr. Carl Knutson to investigate a former administrator of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation district board. That investigation lead to a further investigation by the district attorney’s office leading to criminal charges against the former administrator of the sanitation district. That individual plead no contest, and criminal charges were imposed for — both the sanitation district and the Avila Beach CSD. Our grand jury also had filed some reports on that incident. Unfortunately members of the sanitation district board failed to take appropriate action during that time.

I would urge your board if there’s issues of credit card charges that are being redacted and things that are not being presented to your board that the responsible personnel should be put on paid administrative leave. Invite the district attorney’s office to conduct a full investigation and if its deemed advisable to follow up with necessary charges.

Thank you very much for the good work that you do.”

Who does Tenborg think he’s fooling? Sounds just like his buddy, Adam Hill. Just keep lying and maybe they will start to believe it. Shameless. 

This pivotal issue should yield jail time. If there is any shade of gray, it would be on the enforcement of law that may try to call this a political issue. Sorry, but that would never happen at a bank robbery because thievery is thievery and politics are about legal choices.

Good for everyone. Except for Tenborg, that was a little creepy. Did you notice how many times he had to look down and read the part that spoke of Bill’s integrity, while stuttering? 16:05-16:16. A very uncomfortable 10 seconds. Red flags to a trained eye. 

What a joke Tenborg is. What was it? 21 counts of perjury, Charlie? And you want to speak on behalf of Bill Worrell’s integrity? $450,000 dollars missing and Tenborg, the serial polluter and perjurer, says Worrell is a great guy. The gig is up, you guys are going down. 

Dear Adam Hill, Bill Worrell, Charles Tenborg and James Wagstaffe,

Remember, whoever makes a deal with the DA or the Feds first, wins. May the best state’s witness win. Ready, set and go!



Actually, there is probably room for a couple of them to flip. That way there’s a cooperating participant and a corroborating participant – slam dunk. So, first two through the gate get the deals, the rest get hung out to dry.

Let’s hope Tenborg is measured for his orange jumpsuit at the same time as Worrell.