Is Abel Maldonado’s pot or hemp grow legal?

August 10, 2018

Republican politician and former Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado has entered the Central Coast marijuana cultivation business, and he now claims to be growing hemp in San Luis Obispo County as well. [New Times]

SLO County officials are probing Maldonado’s purported hemp grow as a possible illegal marijuana farm. And whether the plants are cannabis or hemp, Maldonado appears to be faced with code compliance issues.

Recently, SLO County sheriff’s deputies discovered a South County grow that officials say appears to be a large, unlicensed marijuana farm on land owned by Maldonado’s family. The farm is at least 30 acres in size.

County Code Enforcement Supervisor Art Trinidade said the plants on the farm are too early in their growth stay to determine whether or not they are marijuana plants. It requires a lab test to determine what the plants are, Trinidade said

Trinidade said Maldonado’s grow site is not licensed by the state, nor in the process of receiving permits from the county.

Hemp grows require registration with the state or they must be part of a licensed research operation. Registration with the state also requires a lab test of the THC level of the hemp plants.

If the plants turn out to be marijuana, Maldonado would be faced with enforcement hearings that could result in fines and abatement. SLO County is currently cracking down on illegal cannabis grows, most of which are in the California Valley.

Meanwhile in Santa Barbara County, Maldonado is leasing four acres of Santa Maria farmland to a medical marijuana grower. When asked about his foray into the marijuana business, Maldonado told the Santa Barbara Independent, “Let’s just say my thinking has evolved.”

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Maldonado is not a Republican or a conservative. He sold his (largest tax increase ever) vote several years ago to become lieutenant Gov. and open up the primaries so his “moderates” would catapult him to political Grandeur. He fizzled, he got called out by the IRS. He’s a typical politician who believes rules and honesty are for everyone else. Poop fart!

As a party member I was suggested to just hold my nose and vote for him when given the option. With clear conscience I could not because of the rumored dark clouds like this recent (public issue) as well as other personality concerns. I’d prefer that he not get news coverage and just go do his family stuff in private. I do not accurately know much about him except for his showing up for photo opts and or parades.

I love watchin’ the “conservatives” (if there is such a thing anymore) spin over this type of chit when “one of their own” ain’t. If you want some reality though, on a nation wide watch of “conservatives” doing illegal things, this ain’t chit, not even close!

And if it’s the “weed” that turned Maldonado into a Democrat or RINO, we can only hope more like him smoke some too…

I just picked up some “kind” Girl Scout Cookies (smokers know what I’m talkin’ about, the rest of you just trip away on that one) with 28.9% THC! Last night was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’ll smoke a bit more this morning when I’m walkin’ my dog, go home have a good breakfast, wash the car and then kick back and enjoy my Sunday as most of us LEGAL “freewheeling dopers” do on any given Sunday.

Go Rams!

So I guess the best reply to the narcotics task force when they raid a slo county grow is ” But officer when I bought these seedlings from Abel he said they were hemp “


In my opinion, Maldonado was a phony from the beginning, and this latest scandal confirms that he doesn’t respect the law.  It is shameful behavior on Mr. Maldonado’s behalf, and whatever happened to leaders setting an example?

I hope SLO County officials will work with the state investigators and bring in law enforcement to prosecute any violations of the law.  It is becoming clearer and clearer that maldonado was a fraud from the get-go, and he really was a Democrat all along.

Prosecute drug dealers.


Leave’em alone! What’s the big deal? It just pot!! There are a lot worse things he could be involved in!!

I’ve never thought Able as much of a “conservative”. Purely a RINO if anything. Now THIS issue just clarifies and confirms his left-leaning tendencies as well as the ‘above the law’ attitude that seems to always go along with most that hold an office and are tasked with doing the work of the people.

Oh yeah, “let’$ $ay my thinking ha$ evolved.”

Well put soldier. Amazing how some cash can change an ardent conservative law and order guy into a freewheeling doper. 

Or a “freewheeling” inside trader, or a “freewheeling” political grifter, or a “freewheeling” spender of tax payer money. You know, what the current “freewheeling” conservative party is all about these days, right?