Is Caren Ray bought and paid for?

October 26, 2018

Sharlotte Wilson


Arroyo Grande candidate for mayor Caren Ray points to her endorsement from staunch Republican, Katcho Achadjian, as a testament to her bipartisan support.

Achadjian’s bread is buttered by the car washes, mini marts and gas stations he owns in the south county; three of which are located within a half-mile of each other in Arroyo Grande. One of them, the Shell Station, on the corner of Grand Avenue and Branch Street is subject to modification by Option 1 of the Brisco Road Interchange Project.

Ray stated at the candidate’s forum of the $9 million dollar cost of Option 1: “This is almost, to me, almost a fatal flaw because it requires the closure of a local business and we just don’t do that here.”

In reality, Option 1, as designed so far merely impedes upon the Shell Station by removing one gas pump. The city has not said it would close the business. Perhaps that is Achadjian’s position?

What is best for the city is what matters. Having both been SLO County supervisors Ray and Achadjian know the process and final project price will include compensation for his loss. There will be an appraisal, friendly or unfriendly condemnation and negotiations for any diminution of private property.

Since Ray is already on record opposing Option 1, Achadjian’s endorsement is obviously in his own best interest and not about some phony ‘across the aisle’ affirmation.

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I would NEVER support Caren Ray, wouldn’t even elect her dog catcher!

I would never vote for Caren Ray!

When did protecting a individuals property rights from government over reach become a bad thing?

There is nothing wrong with Katcho protecting his interests. What’s wrong is Caren Ray characterizing his support for her is somehow bipartisan — it’s not, it’s self-serving, self-preservation. Katcho’s political leanings are much more like Mayor Hill’s, but since Hill is conflicted our of discussing Brisco, Katcho has to “support” someone who buys the BS that by being compensated (fair market value) for the loss of a single pump isn’t enough and that it would “close” the business, “and we just don’t do that here.” Even if it benefits the greater good of Arroyo Grande Caren?

Ok, I guess my perspective is that you don’t take a persons land so some village soccer mon can get to Walmart 2 minutes faster or can save two minutes going to SLO. Anyone who lives in AG knows that two pumps are on the front island not one, so that means half the stations pumps and branch ave access are gone. I would not anybody deciding my business for me. 

I would say Hills leanings do not align well with Katcho’s, as it was Hills time on the subcommitee, more than three years before he decided to seek an FPPC opinion, that drove the plans to the land taking as the best solution. 

If you think the realignment of Brisco is for soccer moms to get to Walmart quicker, you’re sorely out of touch with the city. Emergency service vehicles cannot get through the juggernaut quick enough to save peoples lives. If the project were about soccer moms commutes, I seriously doubt the city would have spent the millions of dollars pursuing a project for the last two decades trying to resolve the traffic problems created by the development of Walmart.

As for Katcho’s political leanings, it curious that Katcho endorsed Lynn Compton in the Supervisors races, but now supports Ray…wreaks of self-preservation. Katcho when he asked to meet with each council member, Hill respectfully declined as advised by the FPPC. The record reflects KAtcho met with Ray at the Mobil Station across the street from the subject property, which he also owns.

“”Is Caren Ray bought and paid for?”

With all due respect, duh!

Hasn’t Caren Ray always been supporting one of the most expensive options to the Brisco mess?

Katcho has always been about Katcho.


DO NOT vote for Caren Ray!

Caren Ray cannot be trusted with power, and she lacks the public character to hold office.  We must not elect people like Caren Ray to ANY office, because taxpayers will lose as she provides special deals to her friends at our expense.

I support Mr. Jim Hill because he is wise, experienced and trustworthy.  Jim Hill has high ethical standards and taxpayers are well served because Mr. Hill stops the graft and corruption. He deserves to be reelected and we should be proud he is the leader of our city.


George Baiiley

Katcho’s support for Ray is not about Ray, it’s about self preservation. Hill is conflicted out so Ray is his only hope. What is best for the city? A safe interchange at Brisco or Katcho’s self interests? The city can’t “take” the land without compensating him fair market value.

Caren Ray is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Perky blond, smooth talker, and loves to add that twinkle in her eye to make her look like an innocent damsel. POWER is her goal. She wants it all. That way she and her buddies can control and own it all. I, too, had noticed almost all of her big signs are placed on developer or land owner’s properties. (interesting fact is Katcho no longer puts political signs on his AG businesses!) Kudo’s to Jim Hill for having the support of the local, small business community AND the AG Police Department. The humble folks of Arroyo Grande, not the flashy “inside club” who want total control.