Paso Robles man allegedly punches political canvasser, video

October 14, 2018

Paso Robles man chasing canvasser

A Paso Robles man allegedly assaulted a Cal Poly student who was going door-to-door canvasing for Congressional candidate Justin Fareed. [Cal Coast Times]

Late last month, Isaac Schick, 21, knocked on the home of Bart Charles on Bel Air Place in Paso Robles. Schick then informed the man who opened the door that he was conducting a poll on behalf of the Justin Fareed for Congress campaign.

“He called Fareed a racist and a fascist and began screaming and cursing,” Schick said. “I began walking away and he went after me.”

When Schick got to the sidewalk, he pulled out his phone and felt a fist on his back.

“He yelled you “F-ing” creep and hit me in the back,” Schick said. “I began to run and I started recording.”

The man then continued to chase Schick, stopping after he noticed he was being recorded.

“Because you’re lying,” the man said in response to Schick asking him why he was attacking him.

Fareed’s campaign has denounced the violence and blamed it on members of the Democratic leadership.

“In the last few weeks, Democrat leaders have ratcheted up calls for violence, taking the political climate to a new low,” Fareed’s campaign said in a press release. “Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently inflamed the rhetoric by inciting activists by saying, ‘When they go low, we kick!’ Representative Maxine Waters called for people who encounter Republicans to ‘push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome.’ “

Schick reported the alleged assault to the Paso Robles Police department. An investigation is ongoing. Schick said.

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Makes one wonder; what was said prior to the canvasser rolling video?   Convenient timing of the B roll I say.  This is quality red meat for partisans.  For those who can think? …More information please.

Could this canvasser, upon finding out that this man is not likely to support his candidate, decide to be provocative in this political climate and say something purposefully inflammatory to him?  I don’t know but it is equally likely from what can be gathered from the article.  We got half the story at best.  To say otherwise betrays logic and exposes the partisan underpinnings of the author and commenters.  

Dim bulbs shine poor light.

Please re-check your info.

The name of the alleged elderly attacker is not Bart Charles, it is CHARLES BART.

Regardless, how he behaved was wrong and I’m glad the Cal Poly canvasser reported Mr. Bart to Paso PD.

I blame Maxine Waters and Eric Holder. I knew this kind of stuff would happen.

This is why I’ll never go back to the left side, but also the reason why I am scared into silence about my political opinions in this area. Voicing your opinion is not worth getting kicked in the teeth by someone who gets cant control their emotions when it comes to politics

You Blame Maxine Waters and Eric Holder?

Thank God he is not my neighbor. What a vile human!

Schick did the right thing by walking away. Be the bigger man. Bart Charles might benefit from some anger management counseling. Sure am glad I’m not married to him!